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Legendary or not? Pendulum

Hello and welcome everyone, this is an article on DutchBoss who is our first Legendary Don of bootleggers this round. We managed to speak to him and find out how he managed it and what his statistics ended up being when he promoted finally.

So first of all when we approached him we had to ask the biggest question that everyone is always asking. What was your statistics? Well here it is:

  • 15,000 Crimes ($16,268,379 profit)
  • 10,000 GTAs
  • 3,500 Rackets ($48,038,848 profit)
  • 107 Bank organised crimes
  • 2 Booze runs
  • 3,700 Jail busts

    So as you can see it has taken him a lot of clicking but then who can blame him when he now earns $3,720 on a single crime on his new L.Don city.

    After a short discussion we then decided to find out if any gold was used in this persuit to Legendary Don and if he purchased any gold at all. DutchBoss informed us that he had no purchased gold with real currency but did convert every game dollar he made into gold since the round had started. Making a very nice stack for himself he then told us he built up an organised crime team where they used offsite communication to keep in touch. With them being is such good communication they always planned their days ahead of time to make it quick and easy. A grand total of 3,000 gold was spent on the resetting of organised crimes but that was as a collective for their whole team as they could not always manage to do three in one day with the 8 hour cool down. So on average they spent 750 gold each. Doing this DutchBoss informed us that the team had to make around 80 gold a day in order to pay for each others timer resets.

    So now with him being the highest rank possible we asked him what his plans was on if he would do a shooting or if he would just help others rank, this was our response.

    "There is nothing much else to do other than ranking others.
    This is something where Kyle needs to look in to... Your done now, only booze to make money. There should be an extra option in my opinion"

    So it seems clear that he is not going to be pulling the trigger at anyone so it appears we are all safe, from DutchBoss that is.

    Before we finally left we did ask DutchBoss if he had anything to say on who he has to thank for this. He replied with thanking his organised crime team with their great communication and also wanted to thank The Dog Pound for taking him in and being so active while looking after him. So with all this now concluded and wrapped up, we might see some more Legendary Don's soon, only they might not be as nice.