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In This Week; Through the Years... FlameS

In this week, take a step back through time….

Looking back through the Buzz archives to see what was going on during this week over the years…

Round 5 (2007);

The Buzz team continue their Elite Guard interviews with 5Litre who is currently a Moderator. He answers questions from players and talks about his BL Marriage to Katy; ooo la la.

Jordan, a player from MrHansamann’s Legion wipes Two Weeks Later after firing 295,000 bullets.

blueangels gets trolled after complaining in the forum that the hitlist is empty, a competition is created of who can hitlist him for the highest amount.

Round 5 (2008 );

An update to the Find Player page stops the use of MySQL queries being able to search for players by rank.

The Shadow Alliance and MisterPink pay off $300m of hitlists and shoot over 700,000 bullets at 27 random Respectable Dons.

Round 5 (2009);

The Family shoot 1.1 million bullets at 31 Notoriously Rich accounts wiping out 4% of the games total cash.

BSF2000 hosts a Russian Roulette which sees the same player (TheUsualSuspect) win as the previous one hosted, the lucky devil.

Round 6 (2010);

The Vanguard are dropped from the stats by Gathering of Gangsters, Blink the Boss of The Vanguard admitted they bought attention to themselves after they accidently shot the Boss of The Family while on the hunt for members of The Syndicate.

Strictly Business are removed from the stats by Smoke & Mirrors on rumours Strictly Business housed members of The Syndicate.

Round 6 (2011);

Rufus of Event Horizon makes 54 “random” kills on the orders of BettyB.

Round 7 (2013);

ShyGuy leads Underground crew Medellin on a hunt for members of The Family and kills 22 Legendary Godfathers.

Countdown timers make their first appearance as a feature.

The highest OC in the round is tracked at; $832,380 for a one car Organized Crime:

Round 7 (2014);

Event Horizon, playing underground, shoot 37 accounts.

A player named Survived, along with a few friends shoot and pick up 5 Bullet Factories, he dies shortly after selling one of them, mid Buzz interview.