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Blackjack Madness! TheAmbassador

Across all states gamblers were facing an issue with blackjack tables and the dealers. It started to come to light when they were unbustable no matter how much you won. The bug was formed overall by various small minor bugs which was to be expected due to the fact that KyleKroff had recently fixed the blackjack statistics on the 20th May. Due to the fact that multiple users had contacted the staff and made tickets about the issue the staff team did take it seriously and investigate it thoroughly and tried to dig out as much information from players as possible. One player that helped explain the situation a lot to FlameS was known as swatv2.

So what we managed to gather was this; the bug itself made any bet that was placed by a player that was large enough to bust the casino, if you had the potential chance of winning and busting then the boxes would become grey and force you to draw a card. Now guaranteed you might not of won the bet but you had no way of finding out as you ended up being forced to draw and go over 21.

So with the staff rushing around to warn people of the issue and players loosing money to the casinos something had to happen. With the swift action of the moderators Riot and FlameS they managed to get hold of Kyle who started to investigate further into the matter in the database, once found he then managed to fix it and also test it. The overall process of finding and fixing the bug took around one hour.

Players who were gambling ended up loosing around $350,000,000 during the time the bug was up but thankfully the staff team decided it was fully fair to compensate all those who had gambled and could of won the casino with the bets they placed (even if the bet may of legitimately lost) and also allowed the casino holders to keep the money that they gained during that time also. Staff felt this was the more fair approach to take due to the fact they did not personally see the casino holders trying to exploit from the bug at that moment in time. To this date everyone who had lost money has now received their money back to their accounts correctly so everyone has gotten a full refund.

So now after everything has settled down and the issue has been fixed it appears that America has once again calmed down within each of its many states for people to happily gamble once again. Just some people are still in recovery after the incident as they believed they had lost their money for good.