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Buzz Update TheAmbassador

Hello everyone,

This is just an update to all of the community with regards to what is going on with the Buzz and how we wish to make the Buzz more efficient.

For a long time now everyone within the community has gotten used to seeing the Buzz released on a weekend, as a team the we have decided to move this to now being released during the weekdays, hopefully on a Wednesday or a Thursday. The reason for this is because the team we currently have in place are more available to interview and write articles on a weekend and it allows us to provide more efficient articles in theory and have less stress as a team.

We are also going to hire more writers. Now we know that this may seem unappealing as you're bright blue on the users online page and a bigger target during your various crew wars. This is now no longer an issue, with KyleKroff's generosity he has allowed the buzz writers to have a shared buzz account known as "BuzzWriter", it is very restricted on what it can do to ensure that it is not a secret advantage to anyone and it is also monitored by the staff.

The account is purely for the buzz writers who wish to enjoy making articles but not have their account bright blue. If you are interested in becoming a writer please feel free to apply through the buzz and the team editor shall get in touch with you.

We hope that the community understands our direction and is patient with us while we regroup up to produce better articles once again. Thank you for reading and we as a team wish you all the best of luck with your various goals and wars.