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NEWS: 2 crews, 2 days, 2 different stories baron

I want to start with an apology. I'm sorry that I haven't written in my usual 'story' way for a while. If I'm honest with you its a mix of writer's block, and also a lack of drive/passion to do so on a personal level. I hope something might click and I can shake this off, because as much as I enjoy writing that way I feel the community likes reading it too. With that being said I still want to report. So I am going to do it in more a traditional way. Forgive me if this is 'boring' or lacklustre, but I'm new to this sort of reporting.

So I woke up 9AM English time ready to get up for a late shift at work. Turned over and flicked the TV on, stretched a bit. After a few minutes I got up to make a coffee whilst the shower was heating up. As the kettle boiled I logged into BL to see what was going on, if anything, at this time of the day. I did the normal, OC finding, booze lowering, forum checking etc. then to the graveyard. Normally at this time of days, it's dead (pun intended [was that a pun?] ) as on BL it is about 2AM. But to my surprise, there was a party of dead accounts, mostly with the same colour next to their names. The Vanguard [TV] had been wiped... nearly. As I look through their graves I see every single one has a witness statement [WS] on it of the same account TheJackle. This account had been killed and was atop the list of fallen TV members, with some crewless accounts in the mix (one assumes UG TV players made known to the shooter). I then checked the stats to see that the TV hadn't dropped, meaning the shooter was taken down during the act.

Instantly I think of who? I know there is history with Dutch Inc. [DI] and Axteze [AX] taking out TV randomly for fun, could this be them again? I reached out to Scarcio, the current boss of TV, with a few questions and waited for his response. As I waited for his reply I flicked back to the graveyard, to the previous day. And again I was struck with matching colours, this time the bright green of The Chicago Outfit [TCO]. They were known this round to be a neutral crew, so for them to be wiped seemed odd to me. I looked through their graves until I came to one with the WS on it. The shooter was confirmed as CamBogia. I stopped for second thinking I knew the name and clicked on his profile. A crewless account with just busts on his profile. More importantly, though, he was dead. I clicked the link of his death which took me to his gravestone that also had the WS on it. The killer? TheJackle. This was getting funky. I went back to the TCO death list and found another verified WS, this time it was Murphy as the shooter, a known member of TV. Were they really behind the shooting of TCO? Shooting a 'neutral' crew sort of goes against TV's own personal 'rules' for this round. I looked again TheJackle’s profile and he was a scum, active only a few minutes again. I quickly sent him a bootmail without any hope of a reply. But it was worth I try. With that, I was at work, and this reporter had his RL job to do.

During my day at work things moved forward, I had reached out to a member from both DI and AX who denied involvement, and had spoken briefly to ChicagoGodfather, boss of TCO about it but was waiting for him to 'fill me in on what happened'. Scarcio had also got back to me with a 'I’ll get to it in a bit' message. During all this, I had also had a reply from the shooter account. I asked him if he was willing to talk to the Buzz to which he replied 'I would have to ask my peeps'. He then confirmed that he can get info from his 'boss' and that 'He has contacted you already'. Now I was in a pickle. I had 4 different chats going on with 4 different members of 4 different crews, all of which could say they were 'bosses' of their respective crews. I quickly replied back saying that I had had no contact from anyone taking responsibility for the shooting yet, and what crew was he part of. But still to the writing of this article I had no reply. 2 hours later I got what I was waiting for. ChicagoGodfather's reply.

He started by telling me that TCO received an 'ideal threat' from an account called Brooklyn (a UK account that is now dead with no WS). They 'didn't think much of it' but still 'put out an alert (and) liquidated all resources' in preparation for the potential attack. That evening they were then shot at by what they thought was UG shooters until they got the WS for ChicagoGodfather's IRL brother, LilScooter. This WS showed the shooter to be the known member of TV, Murphy. With this information TCO got the funds together to get one of their UG shooter accounts into action. This account was none other than, TheJackle. They had 25 accounts on search, and unfortunately for TCO he only whacked 19 of those before he was found and put down. The account also ranked twice during the shooting, going from Boss to Legendary Godfather. ChicagoGodfather’s estimate on resources spent is as such-

*Around 84 million spend on bullets
*Around 50 million spent on searches
*Around 390 million worth of Gold (at 45k each)

=making a total of over half a billion (524 million).

He also said that he reached out to Abonzo to find out why this happened, to which he got this reply-

yeah we shot. rumour was we were being shot last night and we wanted to use the bullets before dying! We will be going ug from now (well not me ofc) untill the new feature and crew structure it was nothing personal just part of the game.
Abonzo said

So the plot thickened, I really needed those answers back from Scarcio. I lastly asked ChicagoGodfather if their shooting of TV (although it was a just retaliation) was helped or funded by their old allies and known TV enemy, AX. He replied that TCO 'have not worked with anyone this round. Also that 'A few crews reached out and we stated we are remaining true to our word' and with that our interview was terminated. I now sat in wait for TV's side of this story.

When the message came through from Scarcio it was in his normal fashion. Very precise. Very methodical. He answers your questions in turn, exactly how you asked them. For the sake of complete correctness I’m going put it up in the same way. The transcript goes as follows-

Do you think the shooting of TV was the normal so what standard DI/AX/AI targeting of TV?

I do think it was planned again that TV was shot by them yes. They have been shooting at us frequently, so was a matter of time when they would again. But maybe we hastened it a bit since we shot TCO the night before. DI obviously didn’t like that.

I see a few of the accounts that were wiped in with your members were involved in the shooting of TCO the day before, are these accounts connected to TV or just a happy accident?

So yes they are connected! Some of our ug guys took out tco, after some intel came in they were still involved with DI after all.

What will your retaliation to this shooting be?

Well we will make a different approach from here on. We decided the stats isn’t where it is anymore untill maybe Kyle finishes his crewchanges. So we might pop up here or there on stats as we have a few times recently, but we don’t intend to be a stat crew untill it’s fixed. So we sold our bullet factory and will be putting our aim at using our resources.

On a different topic, why did TV sell their BF that they have owned the whole round? Does it mean they will be going full UG?

We have spent our time so far this round on helping the community, doing games and slightly dropped protecting ourselves. We even let known enemies live UG in fear of hitting crewless people that aren’t involved. We let our crew suffer over our good intentions for the community.

Now it is time TV chooses for itself and her members for a bit. So we will be having a blast UG. Should be fun to watch. It won’t be any personal wars. We don’t intend to ‘hunt down DI’ or fight old fights. We just want to enjoy our resources and level the playingfield in the game here and there. Why make gold if you aint spending it?
Scarcio said

As great as the answers were there were some differences from the TCO comments. Now that is to be expected, of course. But one huge one I couldn’t leave unpoked was the involvement of DI. I quickly messaged back to Scarcio whilst I had him online to confirm the DI comment and how sure he was. ’I have intel. They will deny it, I don’t mind. I trust my sources and with that he went offline. I shot back to BL to catch ChicagoGodfather and for him to confirm or deny the allegations. His answer was very direct and to the point, so much so that I feel the need to quote him exactly, like I did with Scarcio’s detailed answers,

This shooting was funded and shot by our members alone. We have had no help. We prepared for this.

Our retaliation was exactly that. They shot over a rumor. We shot back. It's really that simple. From day one when we came to this round we have remained true to our word in remaining neutral and peaceful. We work for TCO. We didn't shoot over anyone else's bull shit.
ChicagoGodfather said

I felt that that answer was the best I would get. And pushing any further was going to get me nowhere. Both of them had their opinions and comments, and stuck by them. It interested and amazed me that to the naked eye these shootings could be completely unconnected, just two acts on two separate days. One crew dropped by a few rogue accounts. Then another badly damaged (with a few crewless account) by one single shooter working ‘alone’. That would be it, if it wasn’t for an inquisitive eye of a bored BL player waiting for his shower to heat up.