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CREWS: Behind the crew - The Invisibles baron

This week I wanted to do a crew that has always interested me but have known nothing about. For as long as I can remember they have been there. In their bright pink colours, cracking jokes and hosting bust parties. But for all the jokes, they must have serious players and power for them to still be on the stats for as long as they have. Obviously I’m talking about The Invisibles [TI]. I had a chat with Himmel, one of the 3 founding members, to see what I could find out.

Hi there thanks for sitting down with me for a chat. Also thanks for putting some clothes on, much appreciated. So let’s start at the beginning, when was the crew first established? And has it always been TI?

Welcome I believe we merged in 2004 or 2005, from then we have been known as TI.

Wow so you’ve been together for 14 years now. When you say ‘merged’, what do you mean? And why did you pick the name TI from?

We were 3 crews that merged together. The Illuminati, The Gambino Family, and Absolute Penthouse (already a merger of Pentarchy v2.0 and Absolute Zero) The name came from Ang and Mel (who) are super bossy so they wanted to keep the initials from The Illuminati.

Now that is a real mix of people, and would have been a powerhouse when it first merged. You must be proud for that to be the starting point of your crew?

Personally, yes I am proud we were able to merge 3 crews, keep 11 bosses, and still be here 15 years later, as a crew. Although I'm most proud of the fact we shot 40k gold in a month and spent 6 months killing 'rankists' from the classifieds. There is no other group I would ever be with. Even KyleKroff can't admit to hating us, despite our differences.

40,000 gold on rankist players is a big under taking as a crew, with no personal benefit, in my opinion. So obviously you have strong feeling towards that. What other things does your crew believe in?

We require nakedness, and that members get off to dying, it has happened a lot over the years.

Ok then, that went left field real quick. Erm back on track, you said ‘despite our differences’ when talking about KyleKroff, would you care the elaborate on that?

I offered to pay him the true value of his business years ago because he was afk. I watched his inteview and he appears to be back on board, makes my day.

I never knew that, that’s incredible. I wonder what BL would be like if that had happened. On the subject of the state of the game, what are your views on the new family update that has been spoken about and will that change the way you as a crew play BL?

I'm a huge fan of any update that creates something new in the game, I have a hard time figuring out who can put up with us enough to join us, but half a dozen naked women should help... I think.

Again with the nakedness I have to ask, you as a collective seem to be known to not take yourself too seriously, or at least not as serious as some other crews. Why is that? How do you manage to still keep the sense of power when you are cracking jokes all the time?

We died what, 38 times in our first showing on stats? Why take youself seriously when you're gonna die in 2 weeks regardless? We crack jokes becuase we know we're dead, it has never scared us. May as well have some fun before starting over. The power comes from keeping true to our word.

That is very true, sometimes I do feel people forget it’s a game. Talking about dying, what are your views on the ‘safelisting’ and alliances in game? And also the crewless shooting?

I assume you're referring to friends keeping a list of each other not to shoot. We did this for years, why shoot your friends? Alliances have always been important. People who have been around long enough are still mad at me for some of ours, but it helped us dominate the game for several rounds and that's all you can hope for.

And your view on the shooting crewless accounts out of fear of them being an enemy UG shooter?

I personally don’t like it. To the extent where if there is a problem with someone crewless that might escalate, the person sorting it out will be asked to leave the crew so they can’t be associated with us.

And lastly, if you could give your younger self a tip when first starting out your crew, what would it be?

Jesus, this is hard as there are so many. Check your ego at the door, listen to everyone else, don't get mad at dying because you have a big mouth. Make sure Mark, David, Hanne and Thea are on board.

‘Jesus this is hard’ that’s what she said... Nothing? Not even a chuckle?! Whatever.

After this he started unbuttoning his shirt so I felt it was time to leave. A short look into a long history of TI. A crew that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, until they have too. Anyway, hope you enjoyed guys!

Writers note-
After the completion of this interview there were some comments made in private and on the public forum about the passing of information from interviews to other outside parties and crews. These comments were incorrect and have been apologised for, again in private and publicly. As a Buzz writer we are told things both on and off the record that is entrusted to us for the sake of the community and also the sake of fair play. I have never and will never break that.