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The Down-Low with Aldo Edition 3 Aldo

DISCLAIMER: This article is completely my own opinion and may not represent the opinion of the Bootleggers Buzz. I understand completely that not everyone will agree with me. If you do disagree with me or want to get something off your chest, please reach out and you can join me on The Speak Easy podcast, I will always listen to and happily discuss opposing views.

Hello and welcome to the third edition of The Down-Low with Aldo! I know, I know, it’s been four weeks since I last wrote one of these after promising it would be a bi-weekly thing. But life happens, y’ know? I’ll be covering what I believe to be the most important issues since the last edition; however, I won’t include everything (because I forgot everything). The main talking points will be regarding the Family overhaul and a recent shooting performed by The Vanguard!

First and foremost though, I would like to apologise to the newly rebranded Dynasty (formerly The Family) about a few comments I made in edition two of The Down-Low with Aldo. I speculated on the reasoning behind why they shot at Mutiny saying that it was done as an attempt to hunt down Most Wanted and The Company. After speaking with Pannu I managed to get to the bottom of it and it turns out I was way off the mark and Mutiny had actually hit a Dynasty account, which ultimately lead to the wipe. Things have been quiet on that front though, so we will swiftly move on.

Families are something we have become accustomed to on Bootleggers since round 8 where we saw the first crew overhaul in years. The addition of Family, Crew and Gang spots was a welcome one but now we look toward the future. In my most recent podcast, I was fortunate enough to interview our big and red overlord KyleKroff where we spoke about a magnitude of things. The main talking point was, however, a juicy new update that was coming our way that would change and shake up the foundations of Bootleggers forever. Kyle touched briefly on what he had in store on the podcast and later released a follow-up article in the next edition of the Buzz which was a lot more in depth, giving us an intricate look into what he had in store for the future of Bootleggers. I’m not going to bore you and mirror what he has already written, that’s not what this is about. I will, however, give you my honest opinion regarding the family overhaul.

First things first, this change is going to be absolutely colossal. There is no other way of putting it. This, in my opinion, will make or break bootleggers. It’s a huge, huge risk and as I said previously, it is going to shake up the foundations of Bootleggers forever. This will no longer be the bootleggers we have grown accustomed to over the years, this will be a brand new way of playing the game, a brand new format with a dedicated winner of each “season.” Obviously, I hope this is what fires Bootleggers into the future, I personally love the update. The thing that scares me is the fact that I don’t think that the game in its current state has enough players to support the vision that Kyle has. I do, however, wholeheartedly support the vision but I would like to see a bigger player-base before we go live with the big change. I think it would be a fantastic idea to start using the platforms we already have at our disposal, such as Facebook and e-mails to start trying to bring old players back into the game to check out the new update and get some thoughts and opinions. I personally have shared the update with some friends who haven’t been playing for a while and they have all seemed really eager and excited about the prospect of the new age Bootleggers. Another option is to reset as soon as the family update is ready to go live and leave it as the last thing on Kyle’s “to do” list. This way we will attract back a significant amount of active players (because that’s what resets do, amirite?)

I absolutely love the idea of the update and all the thought that’s gone into it. I love that a family will have Capos in charge of different aspects of the families. It gives a real mafia feel to the game, something it has lacked for a long time. I love the fact that we will now have dedicated winners of a round and players will have leader boards to compete over. Maybe a hall of fame edition would be cool? All-time leader boards and records for players who commit the most criminal activity? The possibilities are endless. Another thing I like about the leader boards is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you don’t win it’s nothing. If all goes to plan I can see the big boys beefing it out at the top, while smaller rivalries would ensue with newer families wanting to break into the top ten, make a name for themselves and so forth. That is of course if we can get the player-base the game needs, but the whole premise of it I absolutely love.

I sincerely hope the community can be as enthusiastic as possible and get behind Kyles vision for the game, after speaking with him I have realised he is very passionate about where he sees the game going and he needs us all to be behind him if this is to be successful. Best of luck Kyle and Bootleggers.

We need to talk about The Vanguard. They’ve gone and done it again! The Vanguard came into this round with their own set of rules, they weren’t going to get involved with alliances, they weren’t going to shoot at crewless accounts and they were going to stop domination if and when they believed it was necessary. That all went out of the window this week when they decided to successfully take out 39 crewless accounts. In those 39 crewless accounts was myself (I’m not salty at all, I promise.) Obviously, this shocked a lot of people as they had built their crew this round on the basis that they wouldn’t do this. But The Vanguard is no stranger to this, not by a long shot. It seems to be a recurring theme now in which The Vanguard will claim not to do a whole bunch of things, get insanely strong and then go and do it anyways. I mean, for me personally, I’m not all that bothered about the shooting crewless thing. If it was me in their position I’d do exactly the same thing, apart from I would have been shooting crewless accounts from the get-go. And that is one of the many reasons why I don’t play this game on a serious level anymore because I refuse to be a part of that but I know it is necessary. I think the reason why this has disgruntled me so much is that I’m disappointed in them. I genuinely believed them this time. I thought they would die with their pride and continue soldiering on, and finally, we would have a crew who would stand up to this awful way of playing the game and what Bootleggers had become. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I mean, it’s all good and well saying that this is the way the game is intended to be played, but it was intended to be played this way from the start of the round. This is Bootleggers now. It just seems like a massive cop-out to me. And I know fine well that after performing this shooting The Vanguard will have lost a lot of respect from the community. Long gone are the days in which Scarcio can righteously claim how much integrity he has. It was selfish, and I get that completely, but you honestly cannot blame people for being upset after the way you have acted leading up to the moment when you just completely went back on your word.

I did manage to speak to Scarcio some the other night; we are still friends of course. I explained my point of view and I honestly think he agrees with me, I don’t see how he can’t to be honest. But he did say to me that this will be the first and last time that The Vanguard will shoot crewless in this manner, but I have to beg the question, how can we trust what you say now? Because that’s what you said before. But he did mention some other things without going into any intricate details that this is part of a bigger picture and TV planned to play out the remainder of the round in a different fashion. I would assume he meant UG, which is fair enough.

If I had one piece of advice to give The Vanguard it would be: Don’t make a song and a dance about something for half a year and then just completely do the opposite. Your reputation is nearly as bad as mine from back in my Axteze days at this point!

A whole bunch of other stuff happened in the last 4 weeks but I honestly feel like it would be pointless to talk about it now. It’s already been covered in the Buzz and for the most part, everything has been dealt with. Moving forward I think I will start writing this article if and when big things happen rather than sticking to a deadline and having to write about things I don’t really want to write about. I hope that’s ok. I mean, it has to be, you don’t really have a choice.

Thanks for reading and good day.