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Candles, cakes and.. KyleKroff? cybae

I spy with my little eye something that tastes good and begins with C.. get your minds out of the gutter, it's cupcakes!

For this weeks birthdays we have two community members, one of which is quite important around here the other is KyleKroff, if you have a birthday coming up make sure to use the birthday feature on your profile or tell one a Buzz member and we can include you on future articles so the community can learn some more about you.

Who do we have this week?

With the first birthday being on June 1st, we have KyleKroff who told us that he will be turning 31 years old. He is planning to enjoy Santa Monica and Los Angeles with his girlfriend for an extended weekend cruising the beach then some good restauraunts and bars, he seemed pretty stoked about this. All he truly wanted for his birthday was a cake that said "Happy Birthday" and a well made old fashioned, which to me sounds like a great birthday gift. The best birthday he has ever had was his 25th when a group of his friends got together to surprise him with a trip to Las Vega where they apparently made sure he had a wonderful time, considering this is Vegas do we really want to know what that entails? KyleKroff then added a final statement, the players I’ve been seeing make a return and the support I’ve been receiving has been absolutely incredible! So thank you to everyone! I’ll be away this weekend but I carry the game with me everywhere I go so I’ll be thinking of you guys and will be back here kicking ass shortly

KyleKroff shares a birthday with a player called Noverso and wasn't aware about this fact, he had the following to say to Noverso: I wasn't aware we share a birthday, but that’s cool! Getting whacked a week prior as Don, not so cool. Hope you get your revenge, happy birthday mate! I’ll be dedicating one of my drinks to you! Hope you have a good one! Cheers!

Onto Noverso with a birthday on June 1st too, he is turning 27 and has plans to hangout with some friends and hit some pipe, which he believes is a great way to spend his birthday. He jokingly stated he'd love to receive 100k gold from Kyle for his birthday but was happy with the time his best friend got him an iPhone instead. When asked if he knew KyleKroff has the same birthday he said this is special to me, I really feel important right now, hard to find someone whose birthday is on 1st of June. KyleKroff, I wish you a happy birthday from the depth of my heart bud, I hope you enjoy every second of it and if I could get you a gift a mini sculpture of the homepage character or of yourself would be great. Thank you for this great game Kyle, all the best to you mate.

It seems like both of our birthday boys will have a great time, all the best!