Last updated:   Editors: BuzzWriter and TheAmbassador

Satire: Habitual cheater forced to assume Buzz Editor position. Riot

After the recent resignation of recently appointed Buzz editor TheAmbassador, the world of Bootleggers was in desperate need of a new head honcho for their monopolized media source. With none of the writers willing to throw their names into the hat, the team called upon KyleKroff to name a replacement. A task that he did not take lightly.
"The role of Buzz Editor is a very daunting task. You are forced to keep up with everything there is going on in the game, you must deal with writers not wanting to take stories or not having a chance to write one. You have to deal with everybody's terrible grammar and try and get the mods to continue with the half-assed articles that they occasionally write. Then when it does not all come together, you have to write the apology forum post and talk about how real life got in the way or some other vague reasoning for why the only article is a half-written "Behind the name" piece and a broken link to a meme. For this, reason it was important to not just give the position to just anybody, it had to be somebody who truly deserved it. And I can think of nobody better than GuySmiley."
The player known as GuySmiley is coming off of his fourth ban of the round. We apologize that we may not discuss the reason for his ban. The Staff was contacted regarding the matter and we were informed that it is a private matter only to be discussed with Mr. Smiley and his 27 dupes.
Regardless of the reason, GuySmiley is excited about the opportunity.
"I was very shocked when I found out." He proclaimed. "They told me it was either this or BoS and after long consideration, I determined I should probably give it a go."