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Hotdogs! Hotdogs! Get your... Weed?!? SamSepiol

On May 22nd, KyleKroff, Riot and FlameS were talking on the messenger they use and KyleKroff logged in to an account named HotdogCartGuy. KyleKroff was planning on doing the usual release style by posting in the Game Forum, however he started to attempt to bust players in the New York jail.
The account rank was Vendor, which stuck out like a sore thumb on the New York jail. KyleKroff decided instead to keep on busting and see if anyone noticed this strange player sitting in the jail. He was watching the system for hits on the Non-Player Character's account, whilst Riot and FlameS were giggling with anticipation.
A user finally must have noticed the strange rank in jail. That user was none other than BettyB. She did not follow the instructions immediately on HotdogCartGuy's profile which was to travel to New York and click his profile. The first player was Moose. We caught up with Moose who said he was busting and noticed the rank. He then checked the profile and found this cool feature. He then posted it in the game forum for others to enjoy. Both Moose and BettyB are members of Event Horizon, so maybe they discussed this cool new feature together, or just a big coincidence. Together Some players may have kept this cool little feature to themselves, but luckily, Moose was a man of the people.

So, what happened when you clicked HotdogCartGuy's for those that missed it? Once you had travelled to New York, clicked a button within the profile you were awarded 3 joints for $100. This gave you an extra 15% on auto burglary, which meant if you had maxed out at 75%, that jumped up to 90% and this lasted for 4 hours each joint. You also had a higher chance to get nicer cars with lower damage and recover 25% quicker after each attempt. After the initial $100, it went up to 1 gold and could only be purchased every 24 hours.

Enjoy this new, full time feature.