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How to go from a scum with no bullets to a godfather with over 60,000 bullets in 10 days. Abonzo

Hi all, my first article in many years for the buzz and i thought i’d start firstly with thanking the buzz team for their hard work this round and for bringing me back onboard, Flames and Riot for really caring about the game and working so hard and for the big man KyleKroff himself for his hard work, interactions with the community and listening to all our feedback.

I’m going to start my third buzz journey with a guide. I am hoping this guide is read by players who aren't sure how to get revenge, just a little new or even to those returning after many years to the game. To those of you who know how to play the game this guide may seem obvious but if my time as hdo has taught me anything, it’s to not take what the players actually know for granted.

Ok so let's get into to it, how to go from a scum with 0 bullets, to a godfather with 60k bullets in 10 days. The first step to achieving this will be get yourself a fixed OC team. Its not super important as you can use the classifieds, however you do need to be doing 3 oc’s a day for those 10 days in order to achieve Godfather rank with 60k+ bullets. Ocing 3 times a day is an important part of the process.

Now 30 ocs is enough to hit godfather even for the causal players (if you have been super active i’ve seen LGF’s in that time) So i mean that's that part complete already. Pat yourself on the back. Well done you.

So how do you get the bullets?

I’ve based this part on stealing 40 cars per day. Which i think is more than achievable, I know players stealing 100 a day, you might not be able to steal the 40 the first few days but by day 3 you should be able to make up lost time. If you spend $1,200,000 melting your 40 cars at $30,000 per 120 Bullets, you would gain 4,800 Bullets each day.

Now how do you make $1.2million a day? Well this is super achievable by basically just doing 3 oc’s, That will roughly leave you $1.2million per day in profit. If you fall short, A few booze runs and your rackets/crimes should help fill the gap. Any profit Made over this should be turned into gold.

All seems pretty straight forward so far right? Ocing 3 times a day and turning said profit into bullets for 10 days. Simply 3 oc’s and stealing 40 cars per day would leave you as a godfather with 48,000 bullets!

Now do the Missions and this adds another 10,400 bullets, Bringing your total now to 58,400 bullets! Furthermore each day you can collect 500 bullets from assignments, so 10 days equals another 5k bullets! This brings your total for just playing the game for 10 days to a whopping, 63,400 bullets. Use your excess profit you turned into gold to buy a bar and you're ready to go.

Often people think it takes more work than it does and i hope this guide cleared that up and i managed to make it as seem as simple as it is and hopefully inspire some people to take action against there killers. This guide is by no means all inclusive but meant as a rough guide to show how easy it can actually be achieved when you break it down.

I have known someone to hit godfather with 190k bullets in just 8 days and believe even the causal can make godfather with 60k bullets in 10 days if they commit to 3 oc's per day.

I hope you're enjoined your read and if there are any other aspects of BL you would like me to cover just leave your ideas in the comments!