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This week's latest suggestions Anonymity

For those of you who don't know how to find the Suggestions Box, especially on the mobile version of the site, you need to click Menu > Main > Suggestion Box.

As well as looking at the latest suggestions, we will also try and catch up with Riot, FlameS and KyleKroff for an update on the suggestions which are receiving the most likes.

The latest suggestions:
Submitted by Cynical on Jun 2nd, Cynical said: "Get notifications when somebody quotes what you've said in the forums."
This is something we have seen over the rounds, users wanting to be notified when someone mentions them within a post. It's a good idea, we will have to see if it gets much attention from the rest of the community. We caught up with Riot to hear his views on this suggestion.
"I can see why people would want this but I could also see how this could get annoying real quick. I imagine most replies to your comments happen when you are active in the chat. If you really care to see if anybody has replied you can check out the thread next time you are online. If you have a hot take on something your inbox is going to get blown up."

Next we have a suggestions by Destravius on May 31st, Destravius suggested "On the Auto Burglary page, show a counter next to the garage button. I don't want to count myself if there is space for an extra car."
I think this would be a good idea. The amount of times I have been putting my cars in to a garage and it says I can't, I then need to decide what cars I want to save. If I had an indication before I started selecting cars it would stop me from wasting my time. This is more of a 'nice to have' feature though.

Another suggestion received was from AestheticuzJezus on May 30th, "Be able to ship more than one car at once".
I think I speak for a lot of players when I say having this ability would save a lot of time and be a nice feature to have. Shipping 10 cars, 1 by 1, can be time consuming, and if you have hundreds of cars, having to keep scrolling down can be a pain, especially on the mobile version of the site.

Most Liked Suggestions already implemented:
Melting cars for bullets was a suggestion which was implemented. Speaking to Riot, he said:
"I think it is great. I was a bit skeptical at first but Kyle broke it down well for me. Then thinking about it more, I think it is the perfect way to keep the bullet factories from being monopolized. Before there was a finite number of bullets produced every hour and people had to fight in the form of costs in order to get them. It was also not uncommon to see crews setting very high prices so only their crew members could get them. There has been some concern with the number of bullets in the game which is why Kyle has increased the chance of cars being stolen and will future implement players being able to pick what type of cars they are going after, with cheap bullet cars being the easiest to steal. Overall it is a great new addition."

Most Liked Suggestions waiting feedback:
One of the most liked suggestions in the Suggestions Box was posted by noodles on Dec 15th, "Just add updates to this game theme, no need for the disaster we tried few days back". It does seem that this is being heard by the Staff as we are seeing features and updates introduced to the game, rather than a whole new look.
Riot commented on this with "Disaster is a bit of a strong word haha. Yes, there was quite a bit of exploit that needed to be sealed up but overall it was a unique take on the game that many of us have played for so long. I was kinda sad we didn't get to see how the late game looked. Overall though, this idea was widely supported by the players and Kyle followed through on it. We got some of the cool features from that round and got rid of some of the less popular features, so we can all be happy."

Another big suggestions was from Baltimore on Dec 15th, which saw Baltimore say "Improve finding/banning Dupe accounts, with the new setup for how the game now runs there will be more duping in the game then ever! Please come up with a way to put a stop to this before it’s to late".
Agreed that having bigger payouts in OCs, higher valued cars, surely that will open the gates for more players wanting to dupe. We again caught up with the Riot for the Staff's input on this, to find out what's being done.
"Violations are not to be discussed...
Just kidding. Duping can be one of the hardest things to catch. If you really go out of your way and put in a lot of effort, it can be almost impossible to tell if somebody is controlling multiple accounts. That being said, dupers are duping because they want to take the easy path and most of the time are not putting in the effort to cover their tracks. This has lead to hundreds of duplicate accounts being banned from the game already. Once we figured out what we were looking for we worked with Kyle to create new tools to easily spot these things. We can now find duplicate accounts who have never shared an IP and have never even interacted with each other. We are also getting more efficient and spotting these things quicker. There are so many accounts out there that we may not find them all before the kill, but we will happily boost kills from months ago if we find somebody cheated to make the kill happen. As we make cheaters require more and more effort to be able to dupe, then we boost their kills making all of that time and effort put into duping a complete waste of time, the ends will not justify the means and those who are not good enough to play the game without cheating will simply have to find a new hobby. Basically, to the clean players out there, we hear you. We have your back and we will never stop making the game a fair play environment for all."

When it comes to the missions and assignments, we are use to the same old same old, and players are wanting new assignments and more missions, as suggested by sixnine on Dec 20th. Riot confirm that things are being done in the background regarding KyleKroff's vision for the game:
"I can say that Kyle does intend to add new missions and more of a storyline mode. These things will be implemented as they are built. We already have our first interactive NPC in HotDogCartGuy and I think that is going to become a new dynamic part of the game that I can not wait to see unfold."

Finally, a suggestion I know I would definitly like to see was suggested by Desperado on Dec 19th, "A page for available ocs that people are leading and you can just click join on the positions available. The leader can set ranks allowed to join maybe. Have it optional to advertise your oc."
I suppose this could work a bit like the Marketplace. Already exhausting the Staff for their take on the suggestions, we promised Riot this would be the last suggestion we are reviewing for this issue, which he happily answered with his own opinion on this particular suggestion.
"Personally, as a player, I would be against this idea. The best part about this game has always been the social aspect. Talking to people about OC's and then saying "Hey, wanna do it again in 6 hours?" is a great way to socialize and gets players interacting with each other. If we could just automate that process then what is the point of needing real humans to join anyway? Maybe someday when you complete all of the missions for an NPC you will have the ability to add one of them to your OC every 48 hours or so and they can provide special perks? That's not in the works, but it could be a fun way to help finish off those hard to fill OC's. I think Kyle prefers creative solutions."

Writer's opinion
I think there have been some really good suggestions since the suggestions box started, and it's clear the Staff are listening to player's feedback. Out of all of the above suggestions, my favourite is from AestheticuzJezus, being able to ship more than 1 car at a time. This will save so much time when needing to ship more than 1 car and seems like a simple feature to implement. We will have to wait and see though if the above gets implemented.

So, some interesting feedback from suggestions from Riot. Keep those suggestions coming in, and we will continue to try and get an update from the Staff where possible. If you have a different opinion to a suggestion mentioned please get in touch and we will cover a suggestion in more detail.