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Life as a Help Desk Operator (HDO) Abonzo

During my time long time playing bootleggers i have done almost everything and played almost every style. I started playing bootleggers at the very start of the game. I started my first bl journey as a shooter for The Black Horde. I then left TBH to start a crew which most of you will have heard of, a crew called The Deadly Alliance. Later on i joined The Vanguard and was the boss for over 10 years. I have been a Bootcast DJ, a Buzz writer, a shooter, an insider, a member and a boss, I have played the game properly and intermingled in politics as long as i've played the game. But my biggest challenge to date is being a HDO.

I applied for the position of HDO and subsequently withdrew my application after a day or so. I thought nothing more of it. When i got the message from Flames asking if i wanted to be a HDO a few weeks later, i was shocked and my gut feeling was to say yes. Some of the reasons i withdrew my application were discussed, the staff put my concerns at ease and we went from there.

Now lets talk about the tools and extra bits you get as a hdo. The first tool i saw when i was promoted was the Hdos Forum and the issue tracker.

The forum is quite straightforward, it's a forum where the HDO and staff can communicate between each other. The next part which is really nice and i was not expecting at all was the issue tracker. I’ll share some images with you all of how this looks.

Here we have a blank one, this is for the HDO or mod to fill out when they have an issue reported to them:

As you can see there is a summary of the issue, description and a priority setting, so the staff can see how urgent any particular issue is, as well as that we see the ticket ID number for further reference.

Here’s one we done earlier

After the issue is created, it is presented in a clear easy format to help the staff to monitor the situation and update the helpdesk team.

Overall i think this is a really nice touch and seeing this for the first time was somewhat of a surprise, Current issues and updates about them are even displayed on a HDO’s Home Page.

The next big difference is the forums.

This is how the game forums appears to me, you'll noticed the red x’s, that's the ability to delete topics.

You also have two options on the privileges, the first being basic moderation and the second the ability to move the topic.

The last and final tool you get as a HDO is, yes you guessed it, the Help Desk!

So when this screenshot was taken we had one Ticket In the Queue. On this screen as a hdo you have access to search for old tickets, save important tickets and answer new tickets.

You can choose to show all Tickets that you have replied too but have not been closed in the options, This is off by default and except on the rare occasion. i have mostly kept it off as any new correspondence gets put back into the ticket queue and brought to your attention. Just like the help desk for a user the HDO’s Help desk also lights up yellow when a new ticket is in.

Now other things you do as a hdo is answering bootmails, i answer as many questions via bm’s as i do via the helpdesk, the job is quite demanding and you'd be surprised at some of the question we get and how little some people know about certain features. Overall i am really enjoying my role as a HDO. I have made some great friends already and on the whole, most of the community on bootleggers is extremely nice and thankful for the help we provide and that fokes just about covers it all, I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what it is a HDO actually does.