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Dear community,

As you may have noticed the writers are trying to do various different types of articles. This is not always easy for the writers especially when there are lots of different things going on within the week.

What we are asking you, the community, is what exactly you enjoy reading about. Do you prefer to read thought articles, shootings, game updates or do you just enjoy anything?

The reason for this is so that we can try make the buzz more appealing to the community and to make the writers have a bit more enjoyment. Currently we produce articles and receive very little feedback apart from a "", so now we would really appreciate it if you could give us some more feedback.

You can send the feedback either by commenting in the box below within this article. Within the game forum for the buzz release or even message the editor (TheAmbassador), it is all for the sake of the community. So thank you for sticking with us during the ups and downs we have currently had and for your support.