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NEWS: It started with an OC, how did it end up like this? baron

This being a ‘Mafia’ based game set in the 1930’s prohibition certain things are to be expected. Bootleggers. Gangs. Organised crimes. The newly added but always needs ‘rackets. Also killing. Some times you are the killer. And sometimes, sadly, you are the killed. This is the game we play, the fine line we walk. But death is inevitable in this game. Now when you are killed you get a lovely tombstone on the graveyard page where you can write your own tombstone message. If you come back (as either the same account or a new name) you can also visit your grave to see if anyone has left you a message, some flowers or even a nice puddle of piss. Another thing that can be left on a gravestone is a witness statement [WS] either from the killer themselves, or put there by someone that witnessed your slaying. This is guaranteed though, and most people’s graves go in marked with the killer. This wasn’t the case with my gravestone. My killer came back and left his name. Now, what would most people do with that info? Search him? No point, he had already been killed at Respectable Don rank. Make his account an ‘enemy’? No point, he will probably suicide soon and come back under a different name. Interview him for an article for the Buzz? That just might work!!!

Hold up! For this to be the full story though, I’m going to have to take you back to a few hours earlier to me, in Nevada, leading an Organised Crime.

So I made a topic in the classifieds forum about an OC and got some BootMails, the first was a crewless Don account called Wednesday. That always raises suspicions but a brother needed an OC so I didn’t care. Then I had two other lower level accounts message me, one stating that he will happily be a Driver with a Duesenberg for 0%. I invited all three of them and waited for them to get ready. As much as the driver said he would take 0% I had decided I would still give him something, probably 10% but he then messaged saying to forget it as he didn’t have the cash to repair the Duesenberg I didn’t want to lose this OC as I had to go to work, so I sent him 200k to fix it up, hoping he wouldn’t just do a runner, but had now decided (if he did stay) that I would give him the 0% and take his share for myself, no harm done. Fortunately, he stayed. OC was ready to rock and roll. Now a bit of information about my OC percentages - I give myself as leader 25%, Driver with Duesenberg 32%, Weapons Expert 24% and Explosive Expert 19%. I believe it’s the fairest way with the new OC update, and have done the maths, but we'll leave that for another article. ANYWAY! Couple of minutes after the OC I get a BM from Wednesday, with just 19% as the message. He was obviously underwhelmed by his percentage received. I replied to him explaining my way of doing percentages which he said that wasn’t right as the payout can change, and I should have been specific with how I do things. He then also stated I know I’ve seen shooting happen because of it. . With that being said my mood shifted. It wasn’t a direct threat, but it was a comment of the potential direction this might go in. I passed this information onto various crew members who immediately put him on a soft search (either using Dino Pirozzi or Noemi Esposito), just in case. Our conversation then continued more ‘polite disagreement’ on who was at fault. He then asked what agreement we could come to, to which I said we both learn from this and move on. That message was met with silence. Conversation over. Five hours later I was dead.

Me and two other high ranked fellow crew members from The Sacred Empire [TSE] had been killed by none other than my OC buddy Wednesday. Fortunately, with him already on search, we were able to take him out within about half an hour. Here’s when clever baron switched off and the silly boy turned up. Immediately I went to his grave with a few other crew members and drenched it in urine. We were quickly called off by our council as this is never the correct way to deal with a shooters grave, but the damage had already been done. He had left a message on his gravestone too. Translated it meant ‘manners maketh the man’, an obvious dig at me. After a few more minutes passed I looked back at my gravestone to see the Witness Statement has been posted. It wasn’t by someone who witnessed it or even a crew member giving reason for our killing of Wednesday, but by the shooter himself (meaning the account had revived). I then saw that I had some unread BMs and presumed it was a couple of people paying me their private respects as they were Underground. I started ready through them when I was met by one slightly more interesting message. It was from the shooter and read-

We were doing so well weren't we? You were so polite during our altercation, I almost asked you if you wished to meet in person for a cup of tea, or a Brandy - a real gentleman.

You know, when your name come through on the list of three, I actually questioned it. I didn't want to shoot you. You seemed like a genuinely nice guy. The irony that we had had words over the OC and that it would seem that that was what made me shoot... well, it wasn't. I'm honestly not that petty. I also wouldn't waste 220k crew bullets over that.

So here we are, I followed orders, you died, I died. I was going to explain at least partially why, at least give you that. Perhaps you'd like to put it in your precious Buzz

But then you had to piss on my grave...

So, fuck you I guess
Wednesday said

Damn... My silly wee wee had blown my chances. Or had it? I messaged back in the same jovial manner to try and get a response. And it worked. After some light-hearted banter, I asked if I could interview him for the Buzz to which he said By all means ask away, no guarantees I can or will answer though.

I started by asking who he was with, there was a ‘name’ on his profile that read Sanus Espiritus [SE] so I wanted to know more. He said they weren’t a new group and had actually been around since 2006 but gone public about their actions before. He said that they Consider themselves a conglomeration. I wanted to know what he meant by that so he explained that the members have their own gangs and crews they run with but will always answer the call on SE. He even said that some of them joke about having wiped each other this round. Their motive wasn’t a subject he wanted to talk about even though he made a game forum talking about groups of players ‘bullying’ others know they are in a position of power. He did say though that SE’s focus was on community at the moment - with such a low player base and very few game improvements, they want more people in game. This was, and annoyingly I was starting the like the guy that killed me. We talked about his time in the group and his roles. He had been a banker, inside other crews with a huge amount of gold and shooting at times. He had been with them since 2006 himself, so a veteran member. I then turned the questions more personal, about my slaying. He said that the three accounts he killed were his only target but when I asked why he wouldn’t comment. A lot more questions were asked but he gave no answers, obviously being held back from giving away secrets of this mystery order he was part of. I finally reached and asked if there was anything more he could give me to which he replied ’Some things are best left secret’. And with that our conversation was over. A few hours later the account suicided.

This leaves us with two possibilities. Either there has been a UG group working within Bootleggers, more UG then we have ever seen as this is there first public appearance in their 13 years together. Or. OR. He was taking me for a ride. This was all just a cove story from a different crew making up some old wive's tales about SE being an old organisation. Either way, an odd meeting in an OC turning to disagreement, turning to shooting, turning to a sort of short-lived friendship was a very interesting journey we went on.

Rest easy Wednesday, whoever you are.