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Buzzin' Birthdays! cybae

The good news is that we have identified who the cake devouring monsters are and what day they chose to commit these crimes. The bad news is that we didn’t get any leftover cake!

Let’s see which members have birthdays this release and what they had to say about it.

Coming first on June 3rd was BruceLEE who is turning 31, he stated his birthday was going to be a movie and dinner date with a girl he’s been seeing with some hopes for a little Netflix and chill afterwards. He went on to talk about how he’s a cook and hopes to get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for his birthday that he can use in the kitchen but the best gift he ever received was a tandem skydive on his 21st birthday. To wrap up he adds that bootleggers should give a birthday reward to their players such as a small amount of gold, half timers or something on a similar scale.

Next up on June 7th was HumAnimAlien who is turning 27, he stated that he would be taking his girlfriend to a strip club to enjoy a night of sights to see before taking her home and hoping she would be ready for a raunchy night, stating that he would let us know about his birthday gifts afterwards. He adds that he loves Bootleggers and appreciates all of the work that has been put into the game recently asking Kyle to keep up the hard work.

Finally on June 12th (which should be the date this article releases) we have SalahAddin who is turning 28 and plans to spend the day at home with his wife and son, his son sharing the same name as his Bootleggers username. For his birthday he hopes to not get shot and find a nice 3,000 gold gift from KyleKroff however he stated that his previous birthdays have received some nice gifts, such as perfume and a watch from his wife. His final additions were a thank you to KyleKroff for continuing to make the game better in many ways and a warm thank you to all the members in The Royal Family for having a space for him to enjoy.

That’s all for this week, do you have an upcoming birthday? Send me a message and we will include your birthday in the next release.