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The Royal Family leave none alive Abonzo

As the bullets flew, we were all left wondering why did TRF shoot at Project Mayhem. I spoke to HarHar to find out more.

Our conversation went like this:

Me : so why did you shoot at Project Mayhem

HarHar: Got info they are old timers and there boss wanted to shoot us

Me : so is this an ongoing feud?

HarHar : We don't want wars and we don't want to keep shooting people but if i don't have any other way to defend myself, I need to shoot. Kyle didn't give the crew any other way to defend themselves other than we start shooting first.

Me: Well on that point, do you not think the 15million 1 hour detective is a way for crews to defend themselves?

HarHar : no because sometimes the shooter finds his targets before u even start searching due to this new WS update, for example we are being targeted now from UG shooting our high ranks one GF shooting our l.don, how can i stop this without shooting first. He has nothing to loose i have a crew to protect, there is a difficult balance between both things. Attacking is the best form of defence in Bootleggers at the moment.

Me : well thank you for your time and your answers is there anything you would like to say to the guys over at Project Mayhem

HarHar : Yes one small thing, The claim they wanted to shoot trf to make a name for them selves . I suggest come and make peace with us and we will support you and make you a good name , better then fighting us . we don't like to kill random members for only 1 boss ego to make a name for himself. Our door is open for discussions.

There you have it, Will there be war and more shootings? I guess only time will tell, HarHar was clear he wanted no long term beef and this attack was the direct response from Intel he had received. I contacted Project Mayhem for comment and hope to bring you there responses to both the shooting and hadis words next week.