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INTERVIEW: Behind the writer baron

Welcome readers to another Buzz Writer Interview. This week's talking head is SamSepiol, although you may know him under a different name... Enjoy!

Right, first things first. Name? Age? And, to be or not to be (that is the question)?

Chris, 34. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?

Ah a cultured Buzz writer who knows their playwrights... or you just searched it. Either way we have begun! So when did you first log in to BL and can you remember your first account name?

I can't remember the exact year, 2006 it may have been. A friend of mine was playing it at work. I worked in a call centre so between calls I'd log in and play for an hour or so. Think my first name was Superman or something random.

Superman? Super cool name... Did you with him in real life for long or did you make friends with other players?

I first joined playing with a friend of mine I worked with, I then made real life friends through the game.

I LOVE friendship stories! Who were those people and are you still in contact with them now?

The only 2 real life players I'm still in contact with is TIGERQUEEN and someone I can't remember her BL name lol. The guy who got me playing I haven't spoken to him since a year after I first started.

I have heard that name before. Remember they had a big white tiger as a profile pic. Epic. Have you played since you first started non stop or have you had a break?

I had a break for about a year or 2. I go through phases of playing none stop and then taking a long break before coming back.

I think that is the mentality with about 90% of the BL player base. Why do you think people don't say, what is it that COULD keep them from drifting?

The game just seems stuck in the past, an app is what this game needs, amongst other things, an app will boost the games player base.

Yeah I think everyone agrees on the app idea, time will tell if it happens though. Moving on to the reason we are talking. The Buzz! Have you ever worked for it before?


Short and sweet. Wanna elaborate on that at all or...?

I was an editor in round 7. I was banned for having access to multiple accounts, I then admitted to it and my ban was lifted. This caused uproar in the game forum, and whilst I was told to make the public apology I regret it (the cheating). I enjoyed writing with players such as Times and ShyGuy and have always enjoyed writing so came back.

Damn. That's some controversy right there. So is this your first time back in the Buzz since? If so what got you back this time?

Yeah. Partly because I felt I let the Buzz down, and the players, but mainly because I'm a family man and work 2 jobs so having time to write was hard, it still is but Im better with my time management now so it's easier.

I've always enjoyed writing and contributing towards the game. I'm not a shooter anymore, just here to gamble and write.

Ok so pushy that to the side and forgetting it about your time in BL, Can you some up your BL ’career’ thus far in 3 sentences for someone that knew nothing about you at all?

I was a long time member of The Order, The Rapture, Winter Hill Gang, Around the Corner Bar and Axteze. I've also been on The Mikaelsons too. The names I've gone by are Anon and EyesWideShut / EyWiSh.

If you could ask Kyle one question that he had to answer directly, what would I be?

All these features you're introducing to improve the game benefit those who want to take part in the war and shootings, what about players who strive for wealth? There are players who care more about how rich they can become and the influence they can hand through money, than about the influence from how many bullets they hadn't fired. Will the game have wealth brought to it, such as statistics of who reigns due to wealth and influence caused by their wealth?

Ok I lied, that won't be the last question. Off the back of that answer, would you care to talk more on how you might implement this sort of thing in the game, in your ideal world?

I'm not a shooter anymore, I've been involved in my share of shootings for crews like Axteze and The State. I wasn't dedicated to shooting and ranking fast, it never appealed to me, I had more fun gambling, winning big and losing big, and then winning big, it was a continuous cycle but wealth kept me gambling and kept me playing. Surely someone who is wealthy is respected right? There are those who are feared and those who are respected. There is a big difference. I'd prefer to be respected due to wealth than feared due to the amount of bullets I've fired. Anyway, going off topic I think. We have stats for top busters alive and dead, so why not have stats for users who have donated the most to bust parties? You could have stats on who has busted the most tables too, as well as a table of the wealthiest crews within the game at the current period. Having someone appear on the stats for having the most money in a fed bank would be stupid because they would become an easy target, but I think including a wealth status to the game would be a good idea.

And that is that. Bit a bombshell aye?! I want to thank SamSepiol for being up for the interview and also opening up about a subject I know he finds hard discussing. I think it takes a big person to publicly apologise for something and also be able to talk about it again years later. We have all made mistakes in the game and bent the rules to some extent over our years playing (myself included), but we shouldn’t be judged on those mistakes; instead on how we changed after making them. Come back next week to see whos in the hot seat