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234 arrest attributed to the new "Bootleggers Go" app released 24 hours ago. Riot

The concept seemed flawless as Bootleggers creator KyleKroff was looking for a way to bring a modern twist to his Mafia text-based browser game that has stood for over 15 years.
"It's a great concept. looking through your phone, you are able to see the mafia world all around you. You can see other mobsters to interact with and commit OC's with, you can also see stores to rob and targets to whack. We really tried to make it stay true to the original game." Said KyleKroff on the development of the app.
While everything went well in testing, nobody could have predicted the disaster that was to come.
In order for the game to recognize your whack or crime, you have to use the specialized Bootleggers pistol. Although the pistol does not actually fire, it looks quite realistic. Too realistic for members of law enforcement who began apprehending players all around the globe, except for Texas, where waiving a gun at somebody is a formal greeting.
On top of that, there were some technical issues with the rollout of the game. One player, xXGetUmXx claims that his Bootleggers pistol was not working correctly, forcing him to repeatedly pistol whip his target until he received credit for the whack.
The cheating community has already begun their corruption of the new game by combining the Bootleggers pistol with a common telescope, thus creating the black market Bootleggers sniper rifle, allowing players to commit those far away crimes and hard to reach whacks.
KyleKroff attempted to make good by offering half-timers for the rest of the week but that strategy backfired as it led to double the arrests.