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We Are Legion. Abonzo

“So Aldo, I know you’ve been floating with how to play the game moving forward, Wanting to distance yourself from certain aspects of BootLeggers and you have worked hard on both the buzz and the speakeasy this round. Can you tell us a little bit more about your new venture?”

“Of course! The Buzz and The Speak Easy have both been fantastic, having been with the Buzz since issue four and being able to do incredible things with The Speak Easy such as interviewing KyleKroff has been nothing short of amazing. However, the reason I got into the content creation side of the game was because I felt like I'd never be able to play the game in the way in which I wanted to play the game ever again. With Legion I have been given a surprising opportunity to do what I want to do and build something from the ground up without the consequences of my past hanging over me.”

“I know you have friends and enemies in all corners of bootleggers. Has it been fun dipping into politics again?”

“To be honest it has, and that's not something I thought I'd ever say. For once it's nothing to do with alliances and figuring out the best course of action to the top and a more laid back approach. The politics thus far has been miniscule as everything has been primarily focused on establishing and building the foundations for Legion. I've spoke to a large number of crew bosses however, and most of them seem open to the idea of giving me a shot and letting bygones be bygones.”

“How has the community overall received the creation of Legion?”

“I think positive? I'm not sure to be honest but I would hope positive.”

“Has it been difficult to leave your past in the past?”

“Yes, absolutely. Axteze was my baby for a long time but the sad reality is that I've transitioned away from the goals of Axteze and I feel like Axteze has transitioned away from me. So as much as I do love the crew, it's time to move on for myself.”

“I imagine them coming to terms with you playing your own way will be as tough as your old enemies separating the two, do you feel this could cause tensions?”

“With Axteze? No. They understand my point of view and have done nothing but wish me good luck. I think Spine has already tried to inside me though haha. I feel like the only tensions will be with enemies of Axteze, as its a lot to take my word for. But if we are given the chance that we want then I'm sure everyone will realise how genuine Legion is about its independence.”

“Well thank you for your time This morning and final question, What can we expect to see from yourselves over the next few months?”

“Staying quiet hopefully haha. It will take a long time to establish ourselves so that will be the main priority moving forward. Also Legion is recruiting! Hit me up if you're interested!”

Will we see Aldo's past come to Haunt him? Is this the birth of a new powerhouse crew on bootleggers? Will Aldo ever end up in a war with his old friends at axeteze? Only time will tell. I am sure about one thing, Aldo knows how to run a crew and i would expect good things for any venture he starts.