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Should bans be public knowledge? Anonymity

Wednesday 19th June we saw a discussion take place which was kicked off by autotrader asking if bans should now be discussed. He went on to say that the old staff (Elite Guard) had always implemented that rule. He wanted to see how and why they affected the game.

The first to reply was Riot.
"It is a game policy. I would love to post why accounts were banned and the evidence we have. When you see a cheater playing the victim in the forums it is really hard not too. However, I understand the rule. You do not want copycats. You do now want players to see what somebody did and how they got caught and think "I could get away with it if I did it but tweaked it somehow" It is also in the games best interest to wrap up appeals and move on. We have banned duplicate accounts and then had the player forgets what account they logged into during the appeal and claims to not know the account they are logged in and then still try and claim they are innocent. So basically if we allowed discussion of bans the entire game would be overrun with discussions of bans.

It seems players were not bothered about discussing certain bans, but would like to see why they were banned, such as 'multiple accounts' , 'scripting' , 'harrassment', etc.

One player who seemed to have a strong view on this was DTOX. DTOX believes this has always been a sham of an excuse. One suggestion by DTOX which I like the idea of was "what about a weekly article in the buzz with the names and why were banned?". I think personally this would be good as it would show just how much work the staff are doing to keep cheaters at bay, and doesn't need to have full details, just a general summary, multiple accounts, scripting, etc. The full debate between what seemed like DTOX and the rest of the community can be found in the Game Forum.

I think staff and players discussing someone else's ban should remain against the rules but a player discussing their own should be allowed. For example, some of you may know my name from a previous round, and from Behind The Writer. I was an editor for The Buzz and was banned by Caboose. I appealed it, on the grounds that I hadn't logged in to 1 in months because I couldn't remember the details, and another because I wanted to see how many crimes soley it would take to rank. I should have thought but because after activity was checked and there was nothing found that would give me an edge in the game my ban was lifted, but only if I made an apology because apparently I made the Elite Guard look bad. Caboose didn't mention though that he contacted me via Skype away from the appeal process in-game. I wanted to stay in the Buzz and I admitted it was my fault for the banning so I went along with it. I was the cause of uproar within the game for a month or 2 and I felt bad and it caused me to stay away from the game for a bit until everything calmed down. I've got no problem discussing my ban because I know the full story, but others believed they knew more about it when they only saw 1 side of it. Caboose said he did it because he wanted to show that admitting to a mistake rather than lying works in your favour, but looking back, I disagree, it was going to cause a big debate...

Regarding the wall of shame, being banned myself previously, for something I hold my hands up to to this day as a stupid move a wall of shame is a good idea. It would prevent players from thinking about cheating. I for 1 have no problem with being on that wall because I had access to multiple accounts, whether they were used for bad or not, cheating is cheating and going against the rules. As for discussing bans causing arguments and fights within the game forum then it's pathetic. It's a GAME. It's not real life, it's a community of friends and a way to socialise.

On the other hand, if someone had been banned, that doesn't mean they should be branded that way for future accounts, so maybe they appear on a list or something within their profile for 6 months. People can change, I feel I'm proof of that, I got caught breaking the rules and haven't done it since because its not worth it and its more fun playing by the rules, whether you think so or not, that's my take on it. One comment I did disagree with, personally, was one posted by Sycoblast.
"I believe that making permanent bans public record will help identify cheaters in the future. The reputation of people, and crews mean a lot, and a lot can be lost by allowing a cheater into your family.". The reputation of players and crews do mean a lot to some people, and I wouldn't want people to brand me a permanent cheat by breaking the rules years ago, people change and people deserve a 2nd chance. Obviously if its a regular occurance then yes it should be public.