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Victory for The Sacred Empire? Abonzo

An Impressive shooting from TSE once again showing others how to shoot a crew. There are but a handful of crews that can hit as hard as TSE and we delve into the reasons why the once friends now turned foe’s. I catch up with the bosses of both crews. Abu

First i spoke to Abu boss of TSE and the sister spot Victory.

“So what made you carry out the attack on The 23rd Gun Slingers?”

“We've had them on our sights for quite a while. Tensions between both crews have been rising with doubts surfacing significantly over their superficial friendly behavior. TSE has been getting attacked a lot by unclaimed shooters,and while some we could not trace back to who were behind them, 23rd weren't as sneaky.”

“Has this been in the making for some time or a reaction ?”

“While we have discussed it, shooting wasn't carried out until we it was agreed upon by all our council. It became evident that we had to take action. After the decision was made, it didn't take much planning really. We've shot bigger and stronger crews with a much complicated twist than 23rd.”

‘How many shooters and bullets did you use?’

“Being at war, I'd rather not expose any information for free. 23rd will need to work for it.”

Do you feel this feud is likely to continue?

“Hard to say at this point. Strategically, they have no chance. Nor will we be giving them any space to grow. So it's just a matter of how stubborn they are at getting shot down constantly without achieving any worthy result than the occasional low rank shootings.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the guys in The 23rd?


“Well Thank you for your time”

A few days after my conversation with Abu, I then managed to catch up form Sycoblast from The 23rd Here's what he had to say

“Hi Syco Thanks for your time today, in your own words could you let me know what happened between yourselfs and tse?”

“I have been friends with Zazamouk for over a decade. When 23rd hit the stats, Zazamouk messaged me and asked what our plans are. At the time, we were not looking for alliances, nor were we looking for enemies. We simply did what Yaz, Coastie, and I do best, start a new generation of family through the 23rd.

Zaza asked me to do him a courtesy as friends that if there is any issues with TSE to reach out.

About a month ago, a few high ranking TSE accounts were shot by an underground account named Wednesday, including their bullet factory. Being a friend of TSE, I picked it up with full intentions of returning it to them. A thought crossed my mind... The 23rd, though strong, and financially stable, entered the game a little late... I figured since we had done favors for TSE in the past, I could leverage the situation and see if they would allow the 23rd the benefit of holding the bullet factory for a couple of weeks. This would allow us to build some more wealth, and possibly purchase another factory down the road. TSE refused.

Throughout the last month, we had heard through multiple sources that TSE was going to wipe the 23rd. After hearing this news, I quickly went to my buddy Zaza and asked him what's up... He had mentioned that those are just rumours and if that were the case he would have given me the heads up. Despite trusting Zaza I still felt uneasy, so I went to Vibie, who we had worked with through Zaza in the past. Vibie first declines the rumours and said if TSE wanted to wipe the 23rd they would just wipe... We laughed and then I was asked the golden question: was Wednesday my shooter...

A few days prior to the "Wednesday" shootings, we had safelisted Wednesday. However, he was safelisted in error. I typically manage our underground force, and I was away on vacation. In my absence, another council member safelisted the shooter, and then later cancelled the safelist when I was made aware. This lead TSE to believe that we in fact shot their members.

Wednesday was not a shooter for the 23rd. Wednesday was a random acting on his own accord.

Fast forward to the 23rd shooting. Though we told TSE that the shooter was not ours, they decided to act on false Intel and disregard decade old friendship to avenge their members.

It truly was heartbreaking because the 23rd, though loose tongued, and abrupt, pride ourselves on honesty, loyalty, and most importantly friendships.”

“Thank you for the detailed response to the question. so it's fair to say this feud is far from over?

“Absolutely. This cuts deeper than mere retaliation. As I mentioned, we see this as betrayal.”

“I hope you don't take this the wrong way but it's fair to say tse seem to be in a position of incredible strength. How does this make the 23rd guys feel”

“Haha ya, we get that a lot. That TSE is incredibly strong... But they lack one thing the 23rd doesn't... Heart. When you have everything, it's hard to fight for something. When you have to earn with sweat, and, blood... You tend to take a lot less for granted. We are a real family... Our bond goes beyond OCs and whacks... Our members turn to each other for real life, day to day issues. That bond means everything to us... That bond will prove that even the tallest giants can fall.

Emotional aspects aside, the leadership in the 23rd have been to war with entities larger than TSE... When it comes to war, we know what we're doing. Your gold supply means nothing. TSE will find themselves burning through it quite quickly.”

Well again thank you for your time is there anything else you would like to say to the guys at TSE?

“Sure. Sometimes, when things are too conveniently presented to you, it's usually to the benefit of the presenter. I hope it was worth throwing away a decade old friendship! We wish you the best of luck. Win or lose, this is going to be one hell of a war!”

With this feud only getting started and both crews adamant the other was at fault, I believe we are in for an exciting time ahead with these two old school crews battle it out head to head. We will see them make peace or will this War be the start of a personal beef between the two sides that is unable to be reconciled. Time will Tell, Watch this space