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The Vanguard Strike Again! TheAmbassador

Since The Vanguard made the mysterious announcement they would be going UG out of nowhere, we have seen nothing but action from them. As spot after spot drops and the shooters are profile up as The Vanguard, we’re left wondering what the driving force behind them is and how long they can continue this amount of aggression. What are the reasons for these shootings?

Since the four weeks The Vanguard have been UG we have seen them drop The Chicago outfit, Redwood, The Nights Watch, The Invisibles, The Fratelli Family, Arab Inc, Swag Ass and The Dog Pound. Possibly the highest amount of spots dropped by a crew in less than 4 weeks. Certainly they are up there and must top the last 5 years for single action carried out by a single crew?!

So what do we know? What we know so far is The Vanguard were seemily left unchecked for the first few months of this round. Scarcio appeared on Aldo’s speakeasy and said The Vanguard would under no circumstance aim to dominate the game. They even decided to shoot at their old nemesis Axteze along with their allies Event Horizon, Dutch Inc and Arab Inc. Scarcio claimed in the SpeakEasy this was to ‘fight domination’. Then they seemed to completely change their mind, with a controversial move when they decided to shoot 70 odd crewless accounts. Not long after, The Vanguard seemed to disband their strong position on the statistics for an underground playstyle. This certainly begs other questions. Why is a group more effective off of the stats rather than on? I guess a lot of that blame lies with KyleKroff. The increase to pick up a bullet factory from $1,000,000 to a $10,000,000, the increased amount of bullets in the game and the removal of the layer system means crews are sitting ducks. Resources are wasted like crazy for crews to reobtain lost assets. According to Abonzo’s profile “The Vanguard will be playing UG until the crew overhaul”. Again another reason while I feel the blame lies on Kyle. The announcement of the crew overhaul came too early resulting in power plays by crews, to get an advantageous position to win that first ‘Season’. The casualties and crewless players killed in the crossfire, due to all these underground crews fighting each other to try to gain an advantage, made activity dwindle. Frustrations are back and the balancing work Kyle put in when the reset first happened seems to be slowing down. Hopefully this is just temporary!

It is hardly a surprise that once at war, The Vanguard decided to even the odds by going UG. Hereby replicating the tactic employed by their enemies, and boy what a pleasure that has been to watch. I’m all for action! This kind of action from one crew reminds me of the old days of which I’m personally very fond. I knew The Vanguard were a strong crew but the way they profile up and the speed of their shootings, is impressive. I’ve personally died a couple of times during their shootings and I’m not even mad about it. Like them or loathe them, the intensity of their attack mentality is impressive.

I caught up with Scarcio, Boss of The Vanguard. I had wanted to find out more about the shootings like how much it has cost, if any of the crewless killing has been them, what life is like as a UG crew and how a big group like The Vanguard manages its members when they are not in a spot.

Heres what he had to say;

“Well hello, I’m not a fan of people contacting me on my personal number but since I’m ug I’ll help you with your article.

So we’ve seen a lot of action last few weeks and I have to admit I wasn’t there every step of the way as I had RL obligations. But our new direction has been greatly implemented by TV council, with Butters overseeing it all. I don’t have the exact number for you, as we keep making gold on the side of spending it. But so far since we went to war with Axteze we’ve spent around 20k gold and 300million shooting. Next to that we lost almost a billion and 500k bullets with our UG members being shot. That said the amount of gold we have used vs bullets is peanuts, our guys have been really grinding it getting bullets and ranking quickly.

As for crewless I do honestly regret the direction Kyle wants this game to take. I was very strongly against domination and the killing of crewless players as everybody remembers from the podcast. However as soon as Kyle announced in his new crewplan that domination is basically the single purpose of the new bootleggers, I had to move away from my earlier statements for my crew and council. We did a big crewless shooting to ‘kick off’ our UG period but next to that we have been primarily focussed on shooting stat spots, some crewless if the intel is good enough. I think most crewless killings are made by stat spots looking for us.

UG life is hard haha!! I for one hate it! I’m a forum whore and a gambler and I can’t do both of those at the moment. But there’s benefits too. Shooting is the best feature in the game and we are enjoying it. Next to me personally, my crew has truly amazed me. TV seems to be very hardcore UG so far and I have mad respect for the work the guys all put in ranking, stacking bullets and organizing these shootings.

Member management these days is via whatsapp. We did lose some of the guys that don’t use whatsapp along the way and this truly hurts. I know they’ll be back if we ever return to stats. UG is just not for everybody. But aside from 1 or 2 we’ve managed to maintain our core of 40 guys. We talk in whatsapp. I would love to see the ‘custom forum’ feature that has been suggested a few times, so I can make my own forum with my crewmateys. Maybe one day!

If there’s no further questions, I’d like to end with saying that I hope everybody out there realizes it’s a game. We’ve shot some ‘enemies’ and some ‘friends’ lately but in the end this game is about shooting. It has nothing to do with our personal feelings towards those players and crew, cause TV loves the Bootleggers community.
Ooh and lastly: Kyle hurry up with your crew update, cause crewspots are sitting ducks atm as we’ve gladly proven to you.”
There you have it Scarcio’s take on his crews current events. I’m not sure who TV will go for next but they seem to be making it pretty clear to anyone who's paying attention they mean business. Whats next? Who knows, I for one am looking forward to watching.