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The Fraudster TheAmbassador

Exciting news has came to light that one of the staff members is also a massive fraudster. For the last 34 years, Riot has been claiming for two birthdays instead of one. Yes that is right, he has been frauding presents of his innocent friends! He has been having birthdays on both the 4th and the 5th of July, due to the fact he was born in Japan. Had he been born in America then it would of been the 4th of July. He is also still legally eligible for Japanese citizenship which means he always has a means of escape should someone come after him about his multiple presents he unlawfully received.

This year Riot has be 35 years old and is going to be enjoying it with both his family, friends and also work colleagues. He is lucky as his birthday falls on his work vacation, this year he spends it Dallas Texas. His company has a lovely water resort booked for them this year with a full open bar for them to enjoy. We had to ask Riot what he shall do there with which we replied,

"I imagine I will spend my time by the pool with a margarita in one hand and my phone, answering help desk questions, in the other."

I mean with this, what more could we ask for. Even during his birthday we still get to ask him as many stupid questions as we like. At the time of the interview, Riot was unsure on if he would do a community event for everyone to enjoy as it was all depending on if Kyle was doing anything special for the 4th July.

We did have to find out what his ideal present was for this year and in his eyes he would only like to enjoy a nice relaxing nap and his family to leave the thermostat alone but when asked if he could have his birthday anywhere in the world, without hesitation it was a quick answer of "Abu Dhabi" but would love to retire in Greece eventually.

Running out of interesting things to talk to Riot about we went back to the basics and found out that when he was eight having all his friends round, being allowed to stay up that extra half an hour past bed time, enjoying a major sugar rush from sneaking down to eat more cake. Then at his 19th birthday where he was at Hofbraeuhaus in Munich, Germany. There was two giants beers which you had to chug and if you stood up the whole bar would start to chant in German. Unfortunately he drank his two before he found out the bar would join in with your drink, Riot's friend he was with at the time decided to get him another beer, since they was that strong the bar would only sell each person two to each individual, which he then got to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately now with Riot getting on his old age, he admits every year he nows looks at the calendar whilst muttering the words "please stop".

Either way from all of the bootleggers community we hope you had a lovely birthday whilst enjoying it with all your friends, family and colleagues.