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The Rest Of The Year Ahead KyleKroff

Hey everyone!

As we make our way through the summer, I thought it’d be good to update you all on the plans for the rest of the year. This year has already seen some great changes, but things have just gotten started. I’m excited to share my plans so let’s dive right in!

I had previously discussed the upcoming Family overhaul in a prior Buzz article. After receiving some feedback about that and further reviewing the game’s current state, I realized that continuing that way would be the wrong approach. I feel the game’s core features haven’t yet been built out to properly support the new Family feature. Features like Auto Burglary, Crimes, and Bootlegging are all due for redesigns as it’s been at least a decade since they’ve been updated. As well as the addition of new features such as Speakeasies. These are the features that ultimately get scored and I feel without them first being addressed that the Family feature would then lack the substance it needs.

Currently our core feature set isn’t very deep or rich. There’s a lot of basic click actions. Whereas features like Speakeasies and Bootlegging aim to bring more depth and strategy. With Speakeasies, players can purchase a bar and upgrade it to gain more profits. These upgrades take time and money. Bootlegging will also allow you to build and manage various facilities and operations that produce alcohol. You can let this alcohol stock and use different vehicles to pick it up. This combines with the cars overhaul. So you can use a quick car that has low capacity and be traveling around picking up your stock frequently; or use a bigger truck and let your stock build before picking it up and do less trips a day. Or have multiple routes going on as you can have different facilities in different states producing different alcohols. There’s a lot more versatility and strategy available.

We’re just over 7 months into the round. While I feel we’ve had an exciting round thus far, I do feel we’re beginning to see some of the result of lacking a strong mid- and late- game. Without any clear goal or timeframe, it’s easy for players to lose some motivation as the round goes on. The Family feature aims to solve some of this by adding scoring, an endpoint and a winner. My goal is for the energy we see at the beginning of a round to continue throughout the entire round, even heightening at the end. But again I feel our core features right now just aren’t rich enough to properly sustain the mid- and late- game like that months out. They’re too click heavy and lack the strategy.

So as excited as I am about the new Family feature, I think a better approach here is to focus on the core game features and game balancing first and then pair that with the new Family feature at a later time. So from now through October I’ll be working on the core features of the game including Speakeasies, Bootlegging, Auto Burglary and cars, and Crimes. These will be released as they’re completed over the next months. From October through the end of the year I have some great events planned for Halloween and Christmas—in line with how Spring Break was. I won’t be showing up with just ornaments I really want to bring the community together at the end of the year to celebrate the year we’ve had and create a memorable experience. It’ll be a lot of fun!

This will bring us to the end of what I feel will be one of Bootleggers best years in quite some time. We’ll enter the new year with a much better game and continue the journey from there. There’s some preliminary planning for the new year but we’ll need to get closer before anything is finalized. But essentially sometime into the new year the overhauled Family feature would be implemented along with continued updates to the game such as new missions, new/updated casinos, new layout, etc. A reset would be unlikely until the new year.

This hopefully gives you a good idea of what to expect for the rest of the year. I’ll be staying in touch to update you on the progress of things, discuss feedback, all that good stuff! It’s been a fun year thus far and it’s been great becoming more involved in the community and getting to know you all better. I’m looking forward to the coming months, there’s a lot of great stuff ahead, and we’ll finish the year off strong!

Thank you all for your continued support. I’m interested to know what you think so please make sure to leave your comments in the Game Forum topic and I can respond from there. Thanks everyone!