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FREELANCE: Is there a war on the horizon? ragnar_lothbrok

On scene in Illinois this morning at the murder of the gangster known as seaneh who was the rank of Respectable Don. This reporter has discovered that seaneh was responsible for the latest murder of the gangster Afghaano.

It is reported that the murder of seaneh was the result of a hitman from The Royal Family being sent to honor the protection announcement of gangster Afghaano who has been the victim of 12 assassinations in the last three days.

The Afghaano murders are reported to be the result of bad form in the mafia world known as “shit talking”. Afghaano was the rank of Don when the first assassination occurred.

The question now is: What happens to the next Afghaano? Will he be reunited into The Royal Family? Will the seaneh assassination be avenged? Will there be an undeclared war against random lone wolf players against The Royal Family for protecting a gangster who is a serial antagonist? A few things are clear:

1. The Royal Family’s word of protection is GOOD!
2. Afghaano is here to stay!
3. The hatred for Afghaano is also here to stay!

This reporter will continue to monitor the situation and bring updates as appropriate.