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NEWS: Death Valley? Pendulum

On Sunday 27th, we saw a few high ranking members get shot. They five individuals had no connection to each other apart from one person which was the shooter.

The shooter was known as Iwill, who shot four Don accounts and one Respectable Don, these killings was all under the orders of Death Valley. Our writers managed to track down Alexander who is currently working with Death Valley and we managed to get an interview with him on these events.

So firstly we asked why these five targets were chosen. Three of the individuals known as; Sartre, CollinBirks and Yeti, are to be known as enemies of them so had to take them out due to their high ranks. VanGoth was another target who was shot due to the fact that they had previously insided Death Valley so this was more of a revenge attack. The final of the five was our Buzz Reporter Cheryl of whom had shot the account James (Alexander) over a personal issue.

So with these shootings comes a cost, at which was very expensive to shoot five high ranking accounts. A total of 153,000 bullets was bought from bullet factories which was all shot plus a further 3,000 gold which was both converted to bullets and used for searching fees was used. So did this achieve anything truly? Well it would appear that they still managed to let people know that Death Valley is still around and awaiting their opportunity.

We then later asked the question on if Death Valley is planning on returning to the statistics? With this answer we got some more stronger words, they were planning on hitting hard in the future and were planning on taking on their known rivals, Event Horizon, once again to take their spot down and replace it for their own! So with these strong words we shall have to wait and see if Death Valley keep up to their promises as for every day that is passing, Event Horizon are becoming more and more stronger both ranking and financially. So now we must all wait and see the outcome of this all but let us ask, who would you put your money on out of these two great sides?