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NEWS: Big Talk off Crewed Chicken Forbidden

Sunday 27th January we saw the death of our beloved Buzz writer, Cheryl, as well as seven Don+ accounts and many more. One to take note of goes by the name of Afghaano. How did this happen to what seemed like a quiet peaceful gambler and where did it all start? Well, we have the details.

Afghaano posted a topic in the classifieds with the title ''Big Talk off Crewed Chicken'' ultimately leading to what many people would believe to be a hitlist from The Dog Pound (TDP) of GF+ accounts at first glance. Within the topic outlined a brief, heated conversation between Afghaano & Baddog, boss of TDP.

Link to the topic where it all started: http:////

Shortly after Afghaano met his maker and the ongoing slaughter of his resurrected accounts began. I reached out to FredBurke, high council of Ndrangheta for more information regarding “the list” and why Afghaano got shot over it.''We aren’t sure how he has that list, and to be more accurate about the list it wasn’t a hitlist. It was showing high ranks from different crews or crewless players. Every crew I believe has the same list and they are working to find their enemies as we do''.

We know how he got it Mr Burke. A very reliable source has told us here at the Buzz that this all started after AmeliaQueen sourced the list from the crew forums to try and blackmail the TDP for gold, which led to her being kicked from the crew. As she knew she was going to get shot, she sent the list out to numerous players, to which, Afghaano was one of them. Frustrated and upset Afghaano proceed to threaten TDP, thus causing the downward spiral that is yet to come.

''We as a crew don’t accept threats towards us so we shot him. He didn’t learn and kept talking shit about our crew and members so we shot him again and again”. “Oher players should know we aren’t a crew to mess with. You have one chance to shoot us, or you will stay all the round suffering'' - FredBurke. Some would say that this is justice served, being shot once or twice. However some other players see this as going a little too far, to the point where a player gets shot 9 times within the space of three days is seen as borderline harassment.

I spoke to Rainbowsaurus about the situation and he had this to say: ''Yes, I think that it has gone too far. I believe killing the player once sends a message, twice at the the most but to continuously search a player just after sign up and continue to do this, in my opinion, is borderline harassment. I've had dealings with Afghanno; I've loaned this fella money and always gotten it back. I've worked out casino deals with him. He's won tables I owned and sold them back quickly at a fair, below market price. I've even done OC's with him and always received my fair cut. I can't speak on his behavior towards other players but I have had nothing but good experiences''. This sounds like a good, reasonable businessman, right? Maybe the thought of having his name on a potential hitlist pushed him too far? The thought of dying for no reason what so ever caused him to approach the high council of TDP, must be a method to the madness right?

I tried to reach out to Afghaano before his 6th or 7th death to figure out some minor details and this was his response, to which I haven’t heard back since: ''Its not fair... they always try the KILL to PEOPLE who PLAY al ons and have or dont have cash... they make the game only worse... Thats why i hate them.. they know i only gamble and dont KILL without reason... its make the game worse...''.

Rainbowsaurus went on to say: ''He wouldn't have any reason to reach out to me but as an outsider looking over the situation I do believe he is being harassed and bullied. As many times as he has been killed, at this point, is excessive and I honestly believe that the terms of service should encompass something regarding the repeat slaying of players upon signup. I'm just glad the fella decided to change his name and perhaps he will lay low for a bit and allow things to settle if they will''. – oh how I wish this were true.

Now, since my original draft of this article a hell of a lot has happened, Afghaano publicly apologised in the forums, and ultimately got accepted into The Royal Family (TRF), assuming that would give him protection, which would allow him to continue his gambling way. However, a Respectable Don by the name of Seaneh decided “fuck it” and tested the protection of Afghaano by shooting him once more. Thus leading to his ultimate demise by the hands of TRF, specifically TheUnknownGnagster.

Now Afghaano is repeatedly on the hitlist by players trying to test the loyalty of TRF after wishing Cancer on players. This has ultimately ruffled a lot of feathers within the BL community. This went from a one man army against a crew over a suspected list, to a large portion of the BL community shunning a player for pushing the limits. When will it end? Will it end? All I know is it’s made the game forum a hell of a lot more exciting, and has actually made the game into what it was intended for, the killing of crew members, players and protecting people who ultimately cannot protect themselves. Isn’t that the point of a mafia game?

The next development in this rollercoaster was when the boss of TRF got in contact, HarHar, to discuss with me why he took Afghaano in and vowed to protect such a player from the community. I asked HarHar why they decided to protect Afghaano and why they decided to drop him from the crew after the first shooting (despite Dolphin’s post stating he is still part of TRF). ''Because he had a very bad life. He told me his real life story and I was emotionally turned to him. BL is the only way for him to run from his real life issues''. Now, to any normal person, this would be justified to stop someone from being “bullied” from the BL community. However, it’s clear that Bootleggers works on a system where should you wish ill health in any way on people, and generally talk shit to numerous players, they will band together and eradicate the cancer. Especially in the “real fake world”.

''He didn’t do a new name, but we think we also don’t want to go against the community. Maybe he should change his name now and make things calm''. I asked HarHar why he felt it was justified that he continued to wish cancer upon people after his initial apology? ''I obliged him to make a post to everyone and say sorry''. So at this point Afghaano had a hit out on him for a staggering 8.8m to which a player was swift to react and claim the prize before the rest of the player base. And that player was Illicit, who used the funds after in a dice game. Nice touch there Illicit. I asked if TRF plan to retaliate on the shooting? ''Sure, we give our word and never break it, he did a mistake and said sorry, and you need to be brave to say sorry in my opinion''.

''I don’t like blackmailing, I will get the WS for free''. With his high level confidence, minutes later I received a screenshot of an escrow of the WS he had got for free. TRF stayed true to their word and shot Illicit, by what looks like their underground shooter Furax. During this whole debacle TRF used a few underground shooters, which some players with keen eyes noticed. Oldisgold shot Afghaano again, making the death count 14 for him, which Furax ultimately shot in retaliation. ''New Name, new reputation, Afghaano has changed his name and is staying low profile. Won’t say one bad word to the community or even anyone. Mistakes are Done, Lessons Learned''– HarHar.

Quite an exciting few days wouldn’t you say? It’s extraordinary how one player, who seems quiet and well mannered to some can cause such havoc between crews, players and even mods (removing repeated topics) over a list which was not even a hitlist. On the plus side, he brought the community together, showing that they will stand together against a common enemy (if only the UK government will do that with BREXIT). It’s been a crazy ride, but I believe that at the time of writing, the rollercoaster is back, waiting for new riders to take on it’s journey. You can bet your 1kgold I’ll be here watching, like Jake Gyllenhall in Nightcrawler.

Afghaano death count at time of submission: 14