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SATIRE: Latino Women over the age of 64 are still split on how they view Afghaano. Riot

“I do not like what he said, but he has never done nothing wrong to me” stated María Paula Juderías, aged 67. I do not like the cancer stuff, but I also say bad things when I am angry. Who am I to judge?
As we have all seen, the Bootleggers community was sent into an uproar over the events of Afghaano’s deaths followed by derogatory comments, followed by more deaths and more comments and so on and so on. There were threads of support and threads of outrage. It seemed everybody felt strongly about the topic except one demographic: Latino Women over the age of 64. We found that among them, 45% said they strongly supported him, another 45% said they were strongly opposed to him and the remaining 10% felt it was too early to make a decision.
Esmeralda Sainz, aged 94 and affectionately known as Abuela, was very harsh in her criticism “He would always bust my casinos and then ask me @#$%#$@ booze run money! Do you think this is a #$%@*& game? I was glad to watch that $%#$% *%#$ %$##$%% get killed.”
While Tatiana Velázquez, aged 73, had a gentler approach. “He reminds me of my little nieto, he has passion and emotion. He says bad things when he is upset. But he keeps his casino maxes very high, and that’s all you could ask for.
While the entire community may have made up their mind, it seems that these ladies will have to agree to disagree amongst their community.