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CONTEST: Buzz Contest – Hide & Seek (SOLUTIONS) JJJameson

Last week the Buzz organized a contest where you were able to win a prize of 1,000 gold coins. Related articles: In case you are still not behind the answer, have no fears! In this article we will briefly explain how you could have found out…

So, let’s start right away. Below is the letter that contained the hints to find out:

From: Anonymous
Location: Alcatraz, California

Hello you,

I write you this letter because I got caught and my lawyer screwed up big time. Kill that son of a bitch and you will be rewarded with all the gold I have left.

Listen up mate, I started my Gangster career years ago. I used to live in New Rochelle (New York) and each day I robbed this joint called 24-Hour Pizza. Man, good times… One day he became so mad, because I stole his daily revenue, that he hired Dino Pirozzi to locate me. It scared the shit out of me so I moved to Ann Arbor.

In Ann Arbor I joined the Detroit Partnership. The real bad boys were located in Detroit, but we had a nice group of guys in Ann Arbor. I robbed a place called the Corner Gun Shop and got myself this gold Colt M1903. There was this joint in Ann Arbor who sold cheap bullets so whacking someone in Ann Arbor was like buying two scoops of ice cream.

Things got really messy though when I whacked the wrong guy and I got caught. My cellmate Leonardo had a brother (Thomas) who was a lawyer and had his own law service office. After a few months he got me out and told me to move to California. Leave the Detroit Partnership, meet a nice girl and go catch some sun, he said. I changed my name so the Detroit Partnership could not find me and gone I was.

I took the train to Sacramento and had a stop at simple stop motel. Made my plans there and I decided to go to Oakland. Man, best decision of my life. I got a job as a salesman of tuxedos and made myself fair money. I worked six days a week and each Sunday I went to the Max cafe to get myself a bottle of vodka. There was this barmaid, Cheryl, that was absolutely beautiful. I started dating her and after four years I bought a ring at Edward’s joint and I asked her to marry me.

Everything was going perfect, until the Detroit Partnership got to me. I needed to help them with a booze smuggle, no questions asked or they would hurt Cheryl. The plan was to smuggle 400 crates of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to Detroit. I felt like that I had no choice, so I told Cheryl that I had to travel for work. Man, biggest mistake ever…

Once we arrived in Detroit we got betrayed by our navigator and we got ambushed by the cops. I got this terrible lawyer and because of him I have to face 10-15 years in California in a high security prison. California… The place where I met my beautiful wife…

I never told anything about my past to Cheryl. She does not even know I got caught and I am in here… Please find this terrible lawyer and whack him for me. Keep your mouth shut to Cheryl, because she has nothing to do with this. I am counting on you man… Please help me with this.

The entire letter contained names of stores that also appear on the crimes page in several states. For example the letter starts with New Rochelle, which is a city in the state New York. On the crimes page in this city, there is a story named ‘24 hour pizza’. This continued with the next paragraph as this paragraph described the city ‘Ann Arbor’ (located in the state Michigan). The paragraph describes the stores ‘Corner Gun Shop’, ‘Cheap Bullets Co.’ and ‘Two scoops Ice Cream’.

In each paragraph after there was a small (cryptic) hint to a name of a store in that specific city of that state. Your ultimate goal was to find a name of a store that was associated to a laywer or a law firm. The crewless scum account you had to kill, had the name ‘WilliamLawfirm’, which is a store in the city Camden in New Jersey.

The player Scarcio was able to kill the Scum account and obtained the prize of 1,000 gold coins! On behalf of the entire Buzz-team we congratulate Scarcio for winning the prize and we thank FlameS for donating the gold coins to the Buzz!