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Buzz Recruitment! TheAmbassador

Hello everyone! Once again the Bootleggers Buzz is asking for the communities help. We hope to try persuade a few individuals to help us out with either becoming a member of the buzz team or by giving us an hour or so of your time to write us a freelance article.

With the freelance articles they do not need to be perfect as it is your own time and effort that we appreciate. What happens is once you go to the "Buzz" page and scroll down there is a drop box. In there you can submit a freelance article, now these can be about any topic you find interesting within Bootleggers. You may even decide to do something that is popular but not so much game related, for example the satires that Riot produces.

With regards to joining the buzz team itself, it does have many rewarding features. Some of them are that you get to interact with the community on a more personal level with some of the articles, others you can just get excitement from finding out all the news behind the scenes. You are also able to join our Bootleggers Buzz WhatsApp group where we discuss many fun and exciting potential articles while also having fun. We do have staff in there so you have to watch your language as they can be a bit touchy. If you have never been in the buzz before but have always wanted to be a nice sky blue colour, then you are welcome to put your right foot forward and strive to achieve that personal bootleggers goal you have once wanted.

As many players have had before they may not be happy that they loose the right to play the game and become an "underground shooter", however this is no longer the case. Kyle Kroff, or Mr Red, has given the bootleggers buzz team their own shared account where you can do all your reports and submit them without ever exposing your real accounts identity as it is all hidden. Even other members on the buzz team are unable to see who has used the account via IP addresses.

We have also been recently informed that a Buzz Writer can also now be potentially paid for their submitted articles from the staff themselves in order to try boost excitement and enjoyment from being a writer. Now, this does not mean that all writers are going to accept being paid as if they refuse the funds it shall go to the buzz bank where we shall host more games for the community.

We hope that some of you may take interest or even give us the odd freelance article as it is all for the community. Until then, if you have any further questions please contact "TheAmbassador" and we shall hopefully have a journey with your name on it.