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Forum Warriors, where art thou Scarcio

Silence before the storm is a term well known. But the slowness of our beloved game forum hasn’t been leading to storms in recent years, it has lead to one-sided input for improvement.

As a long term on and off player I’ve seen that forum activity is an indication of game activity. The forum is slowing down, and though it might be due to summertime, I personally feel activity heavily dwindled due to ‘UG’ playing styles. There have been some discussions on how to solve this, but nothing final has been decided.

We’re in a time where Kyle is trying to improve his game, heavily relying on player feedback. Often this is requested in game forum topics. Comments come in, but if you take a close look it’s familiar ‘statistics’ names giving the feedback. The UG playerbase, which is quite a large portion at the moment due to the out-of-balance crewfeature, remains very silent. Their feedback is equally important if not more important to improve this game. So how do we get these players to give input, without wasting their position in the shadows?

I for one would root for a ‘forum name’. A player has the option to link one name to his acount which shows as his name on the forum. Then an UG name is protected and the players can post at free will.

Misuse can be battled. If someone doubts a players identity, they can request an acount history check by the mods to ensure this player isn’t posing as someone else. I personally feel this could open up the forums. There’s people that would love to forumwhore, or have proper discussions, but just can’t due to their game tactics. Give this big portion of the community a voice!

What are your thoughts? How can we improve forum activity? Is the forumname an outcome? Feel free to post your comment below the article!

Ps. If you’re ug, feel free to send me a message on here or whatsapp, and I’ll add your opinion