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Suggestions, suggestions, Let us hear them! BuzzWriter

Hello once again, it has been a long time since we have came back to the office and since we have the place has been trashed! Now either way although we have not managed to clean up the office as of yet, we have managed to get the paper printing machines running once more.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the suggestions from the community, mainly the top three, and we shall have a brief think and discussion about them.

The most popular suggestion was created by "sixnine" on December 20th. It has been mentioned in the suggestion to have brand new missions and new assignments. With this I think it is fair to say that on the assignments side it is mostly the payout that people want changed, as without realising it they do benefit a great deal experience wise on ranking up already. But no one wants to spend $50,000 or more on buying three or four cars to be rewarded a grand total of $2,000 and a thank you message. Plus the completing four a day reward is very low also for the time you can put in to doing all four in a day. With regards to missions it is debatable on what missions people enjoy and would want replaced or if the community wants a whole new set of missions completely. Either way myself, I love doing mission 10 which I could guarantee most people hate. The only question is, what kind of missions would you all like to have implemented? I am sure that it would be a very big discussion to have and I am sure that KyleKroff and the rest of the staff would be interested in hearing what we would all like and appreciate.

Our community has decided that the second most popular suggestion was made by "Desperado" on December 19th. This was purely based for organised crimes where a player could click on the organised crime page, would see the available crimes that were in progress and be able to quick join them. This would save a lot of time from sending messages or even asking to join but never getting anything back from the leader. It could also save a lot of time for the leader also as they would not have to wait around as much or copy and paste users names in to each position. Now we have the core idea there which is very good but you could also have it so that you could reserve a position so that when you travel no one else has claimed that spot and you travel for no reason, maybe you have a five minute window to reserve, join and then be ready in. Also it was mentioned that it could also have a potential minimum rank to join on that specific organised crime so that individuals who wanted to try rank quicker would not have all low ranks. My own personal suggestion on that would be the fact that the driver may always be any rank due to the fact the game structure now goes based on the three highest ranked members and it would not fully descrimiate against those who just got killed or if there was new players to the game.

The third most popular suggestion was made by "Option" on the 15th December stating that we should have additional developers. Now this would be brilliant in my own opinion as obviously with another developer the game could progress at a quicker pace and more features could be implemented quicker for the community to enjoy. However we have been informed the reason why this has not happened as of now, in simple it is due to there are still a lot of "background works" to be completed before KyleKroff hires his new developer. We can not go into many details on the background works but we have been informed of one of them and that is purely down to the security of the site. This is so that a new developer can not just come in and use all your personal information for other purposes. Once more of these background works have been completed by KyleKroff and he is at the stage where bringing in another developer would benefit him and that they have enough work to do in the sense that the foundation of certain sections is done I am sure I can speak on his behalf and say, he will be more than happy to greet a new developer to help him work away for not just himself but also the community.

So there we have it, that is the top three suggestions from the community. There are a lot more other very good suggestions within the suggestions page but unfortunately we do not have the time to keep going through all of them. Who knows, you may be the next person to have a brilliant idea which gets lots of likes on the suggestions page and it may even get implemented. Either way all we know is that your ideas matter and that KyleKroff, even though does not always make it known, does read all your ideas and takes them all in to consideration on the future of Bootleggers. So, do not give up and let us hear your ideas/views.