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Catch Up With Aldo FlameS

On the 22nd July we welcomed Aldo to the Help Desk for the first time in his playing career. He replaced Bonzo for the spot on the Help Desk beside ShyGuy.

Aldo has many qualities that are pivotal to being in yellow; he is active, fun, approachable, knowledgeable and proactive in helping and entertaining others.

But what is the role like through the eyes of a newcomer to the role, in this his first month?

I prepared some questions to ask Aldo and I am sure he will be willing to answer yours if you post below this article;

So Aldo, lets kick things off, this will be news to you but I can see that since taking up the position you have closed out an average of between two and three Help Desk tickets per day, you have a great rating on the feedback capture score that those people gave. Do you think those stats reflect your experience of the Help Desk so far?

I'd like to think so. And that is definitely news to me. The two to three tickets thing shocked me, I genuinely thought it would be more. But I suppose you do have quiet days on the desk in which there are no tickets at all so it probably averages out.

You must be a busy guy when you login, do you get lots of people asking you questions outside of the Help Desk too? Is it nice to be able to help people?

Not as much as people would think, I was genuinely surprised at how many people use the help desk. I have had a few people personally approach me but the majority of my help desk actions have been through the help desk itself.

So can you tell us about the tools you have access to when you are in yellow, and any funny stories about the first times using them?

To be honest it's been pretty much plain sailing. I wish I had something funny to tell you but I just don't. I can tell you the most annoying thing I've found instead? People not using the classifieds for OC topics. OC topics have become the bane of my life haha, it's not hard to use the correct forum people!

The tools themself are pretty straight forward, I've only had to mute one guy so far so that's good. There's the help desk, the infamous help desk forum which used to be known as the high rollers forum if I recall correctly and also the option to change the flag of forum posts. It's nothing majorly exciting but it contributes to helping the game so I'm happy with it.

So with all of this going on, we all very much loved your Podcast, the Speak Easy, any chance that will see a comeback anytime soon?

The main reason the podcast has taken a back seat is because of Legion. If Legion ever does go then the podcast will most likely come back. I just feel like I can't be as opinionated as a crew boss because it might land me in some sticky situations. I'd really like some people to have a go at guest hosting the podcast, I wouldn't even mind being a guest on the show myself for once! So maybe you will hear more about that soon.

Couple of quick-fire questions from me now;

What is the single best bit about being an HDO?

It's very satisfying knowing that you are contributing to helping the game.

What would you change if you could?

I'd love to be able to see our own feedback as I believe criticism is a crucial part of improvement.

What’s it like working with Max, do you have to talk much?

No more than we used to. Max has always been a great friend of mine. We've never actually spoken about the job since my promotion though oddly enough.

Do you get much help from the dudes in Green?

Flames and Riot are usually always at hand to assist if needs be which has been Incredibly useful with all the changes coming to the game. Sometimes we don't know everything so if you're unsure about something it's nice to have them as back up.

Thanks so much for your time Aldo, and for your first month in service. We wish you all the best, see you around.