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The wipe of The Colombo Family Strikeback

Another crew got wiped!

A few weeks went by after some brutal killings. Some gangsters got involved in some shootings that had a great impact on some of the most known crews at the moment. Now time has passed and everyone seems to be recovering from the latest attacks, the police seems like quitting any further investigation. Still most of the families fear another attack will occur soon. It’s just a question when and where the assault will take place.

No one really took responsibly for the attacks and we have to believe it’s lurking from very deep in the underground. Last weeks, on regular basis casino holders got shot out of the blue, without any real lead on who is behind it. On several occasions the properties where quickly flipped into some hard coin.

On several witness statements that were made public there is no real link visible. But it’s very clear someone is watching our every step and is willing to take action whenever they see fit. With all further consequences taken in consideration , that underground organisation seems big enough to continue the effort in getting rid of everyone who stands in their way.

I went to talk to the Colombo Family, victims of latest shootings. Lost their spot on the charts but seems to be back on their way to make a stand.
From what the council told me, The Colombo Family isn’t sure who is behind the wipe. There is no proof of anything and everyone points fingers at each other. They do feel like shooting people and not claim for it, isn’t the proper way. The Colombo Family doesn’t like to play this hiding game.

Also, several people believe members of the Colombo Family have ties with older crews and gangs and they feel like they got shot for having members who were in those crews. The Colombo Family council told me they are none of those older crews with a new name, neither they have any affiliation with them what so ever . They do have members who were in some of the crews but they deny any further ties.

The strategy of underground crews to shoot casino holders is a very smart tactic. The Colombo Family believes this is happening to annoy other crews. If people are worried about getting shot while holding any property, the will stop doing it. Less profit is made and it gives these underground crews a very good chance to make a profit on their turn very easily.

Will the streets be safe again or is this just a pause in some vicious killing? Or who will be next.....