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Loot boxes, weed and fireworks Strikeback

Loot boxes, weed and firework

Recently there was update. Loot boxes were added to the game. By now everyone has gotten to know them and could experience their various contents. Time to review this update I’d say. Let’s hear pro’s and cons, insights and ideas.

Levelling up always gave a nice feeling. Recently, you get a nice reward for it as well. A reward that comes in wooden crates. Some may save them for later. But personally I can’t resist the urge and have to open them immediately. It’s like unwrapping a present! My personal best was 25 gold pieces and 15K bullets. Or what about $1,000,000 Other times, I have to be happy with a small amount of cash and less bullets.

Nothing more pleasant while moving up the ladder and receiving a little extra while doing it. Or a nice surprise in the trunk of that shiny car you just stole. The question however rises .. or these boxes a real addition for the game, are they well balanced, overpowered or totally unnecessary.

Players have various opinions about it. Most of them think that the boxes are a nice addition to the game and like to keep them as they are. A small group says that they are overly filled with bullets and like to see more variety in the contents. Proposals are to add cars, booze, and some game perks in them. So the loot boxes become more of a real surprise.

OutOfCtrl says: The loot boxes are very good, it’s a good addition to the game and brings another advantage for being an active player.
However, I don’t think that you should be able to keep the loot boxes upon death.

GreenMario says: I quite like them, gives people something extra to click for.
I would reduce the high rolls a bit though, the highest rewards are a bit extreme and as suggested in the forums, add them as assignment rewards.

Overall, the loot boxes are very well received by the majority of the players but there are a few remarks. The loot boxes bring a new level of suspense to the game while you hope for a big loot reward. Some tweaks might be in order to fully become a potent game item as well as a little more variety and truly I’d like to admit finding car keys that fit on a Duesy or a Mercedes in the boxes would be great.

Another new feature in the game is the arrival of weed. After enjoying the Super Silver Haze Blunt you can buy from HotDogCartGuy in New York, you’re GTA-skills suddenly are a lot better. Also you can do it more quickly. This comes in very handy when you’re on the path of thievery. Active players will like this addition, for less active players it’s more something they will use on occasion or even never get their hands on. But, when you are willing to get on a car stealing spree it’s a very nice option to take in consideration. Especially when you use this perk in an event that could be set up.

Kirby believes bonuses in the form of consumables is a very good idea. They should be upgraded to more different ones. It would be nice to also improve common crime pay outs, and pimp your bootlegging capability with them.
I think Kirby is on to something here.
His idea to create SodaCartGuy, who is selling cool drinks is actually a very good one.

Last item for review is the 4Th of july fireworks.

Most players have the same opinion about this one. Fireworks brought too much money and too many bullets in the game. And that on very short notice. They shouldn’t be on sale because they would become too expensive and only the rich could afford them. It would not benefit on overall gameplay. However, keep them in the game, but they need to be tied to community events everyone can enjoy.

Most of the potential is lost if it only contributes to a smaller group of players. Prices of consumables should not grow too high. And at all costs, no gold should be involved buying them. If done correctly several of these additions will turn out to be nice features in the game.