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Backhanding bankers Pendulum

How much does interest in banking for 24 hours actually benefit. With the current state of the game you have to be over rank Boss in order to bank enough money to benefit from it, but even still is it worth risking so much money to make a small amount of gold in return? With the state of mind players both crewed and crewless currently have it is a case of shoot first or die wasting resources. Now crews are very cautious about putting all their money on to one banker to make money and they can not safe list that individual either as other crews may turn against them and shoot or even get shot by a crewless player.

Currently if you have $30,000,000 (638 gold at $47,000 each) in the federal bank you would earn $900,000 a day. This means you would earn a total of 19 gold per day so you would have to survive for 33 days straight to make back just your start up money, only after that do you truly profit from it. With the huge risk of this it is more than likely only big crews or crews that are not under "immediate threat" who would bank to use this feature. There is also a whopping total of $5,186,853,965 (48%) currently in the federal bank which means that on average a total of $155 million is coming in to the game daily, or in gold it would be an average of 3,250 gold introduced daily. I mean, if it was removed would it actually have the chance of making the game more balanced on cash income into the game? Would it be missed? Should the interest rate be higher to make the risk worth taking?

Now I only speak for myself here and believe that it should be removed as in my eyes it only benefits those who are in strong alliances and can use it by all chipping in together and not for those who are in the middle of wars, plus I personally think that it may make the game more challenging as you could not have one person funding the whole crew each day as you would have to all work harder and more of a team to do so. Like I say though, that is my own personal view but here at the buzz we would love to hear your comments on the interest from banking.

Editors Note: Perhaps this topic is an important point to discuss given that there is currently $5.2 Billion in the federal bank, is the banking interest providing an unfair advantage to those that can keep a chunk of money safe? Have your say!