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Shots ring out in unison, what's this madness? cybae

For what has felt like forever, the complaints en masse poured in concerning the ease ruthless killers have when they claim their victims by dropping entire crews from the shadows with a couple swift strokes of their keyboards and heavy clicks of their mice. However, from the same shadows of which the killers lurked we find KyleKroff leaning in with decisive action of his own to tackle this problem head on with the latest game changing update focused around changing the way people smeer our streets with blood.

Changes to Whacking/Witness Statements
> The chance of success for further whacks will decrease.
> The number of witness statements for further whacks will increase.
> This is reset on a 12 hour basis from the first whack of the spree.

How much has this changed the game for shooters? The graveyards around the United States felt a little more silent for a couple days after the shooting update landed but have since become alight with more crew wipes and crewless shootings, many bullets have been spent painting our streets once again. I took to my address book asking some of these known killers how they find their shiny new guns, one shooter was willing to make the following statement.

I’d personally say you need a new shooter for every 3 members plus extras to mop up if there’s any failures. You can’t guarantee any of the kills will be successful so you now have to prioritise targets and have more people searching them just incase. So instead of just having 5 or 6 high ranks with a ton of bullets searching for a lot of people at once, you now need about half the crew members to be searching too. I killed 16 people in 2 days before, now I’ll be lucky survive after the first 4 attempts with the % and 12 hour cooldown.

It came to light that a major component to this update has been a sharp increase in planning, teamwork and coordination. Crews have been forced to expand their shooter groups and call upon more members as backup shooters, methodically planning every shot to ensure maximum efficiency. Previously a group of five to six shooters could take out a moderately large group of players compared to the new concensus of one shooter to three targets, with additional shooters running backup searches to prepare for failed attempts.

The general concensus is now being crewless is drastically unsafer whilst being in a crew is only marginally safer than before, with shooters previously being able to take large sprees now being selective with their spread of bullets.

Wrapping up, players are enjoying the new found sense of teamwork this update has brought which should lay foundations for the upcoming crew update, whilst allowing crews that already exist to continue flourishing. Although it has made things more difficult for single actors and groups alike to wipe their enemies, it hasn't made it impossible.