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Royal blood drawn Strikeback

What a week, what a week.. Hardly unbelievable so much violence can take place on such short notice…..Right after the bloody attack on The Colombo Family, another slaughter took place.

What once seemed impossible happened in a blink of an eye.. The biggest and oldest family on the chart has been wiped completely. Some say it will be gone for good, other believe they are gathering forces and will rise again in the future. Hard to tell what will happen. Is this war over, or is it just a pause in a dispute between two powerful opponents who will put anything at stake to get rid of each other…

Was the Royal Family betrayed? Are they the victim of espionage, sabotage and infiltrators? It absolutely looks like it! How was it possible, such a strong alliance got overrun in a mind-blowing fashion?

To set things straight, HarHar, the boss of The Royal family would like to say they didn’t get wiped from stats. By now it is no secret we got set up by an old TRF member that he trusted. Taiga, the once trusted member, backstabbed TRF and gave the crew spot to The Sacred Empire. TSE then kicked everyone out. HarHar strongly believes TSE never had the power to shoot TRF or even go for a complete wipe. He ensures even as we speak, old members are still alive.

The reason TRF got attacked is because of Taiga informing TSE got shot by underground gunmen linked to TRF wich HarHar says is absolutely correct. “We attacked TSE for many reasons” says HarHar. TSE sheltered many of our enemies and kept secrets about who was attacking us. It was meant to be a good relationship between TSE and TRF, but TSE sheltered Axteze member, and they are our worst enemies!

During the discussion between HarHar and myself, he mentioned that at the beginning of the round The Royal Family helped get The Sacred Empire on to the statistics page by helping secure them a spot. Also at the beginning of the round it was mentioned that they kept some of The Sacred Empires members safe within their own spot to allow them to rank up and hold casinos more safely. However, when it was time for them to recall the favour The Sacred Empire refused to allow them access in to the spot to hold properties more safely. So who knows, maybe this unintentionally could have started this conflict between the two of them.

HarHar claims that the family is safe, some members left because they don’t want to shoot or get shot at. “They should leave the game, and should become farmers!” After recent events, we didn’t loose anything, family gold and cash is safe! We lost a few members, but have a team of UG shooters ready, who are shooting at this very moment and will continue to do so after this is getting published. Just to show TSE we aren’t as weak as they think. TSE got wiped, we will shoot anyone looking suspicious. NO DOUBT!

HarHar also admits, TRF won’t be showing up on stats anytime soon. “Only as a family, we are no sitting ducks! We changed our tactics, and we will hunt down whoever is responsible." We had 251 days on the stats facing ARAB INC, TSE, and many more. At our end game we got betrayed.

AbuRagheb, boss of The Sacred Empire, uses less words. “TRF shot us without claiming it, we found out and took over their spot.” TRF cooperates with the Vanguard, and they are among our enemies at this moment. Also, we won’t be back on stats, too many enemies around to get a stable spot right now. We will continue UG. We lost a lot, too hard to give a summary of exactly what but it’s far from over. We will continue to drop bodies. Maybe the following days more details will be exposed about where this war is going. I feel like we should defend our claims, so maybe it will come to a round two next week and the following weeks.

Needless to say, fellow bootleggers… this is not the end of this war. Both sides have guns pointed at each other. It’s just a matter of time before things will escalate again. This is just the eye of the storm. Who will make the first shot and eventually….. who will win this war?