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The Invisibles Strikeback

As part of the Buzz team I try to be on top of things when events occur.. Well yesterday, Thursday 29th September I could get my hands on to some hot items in the Bootleggers world. The Invisibles got shot, The Revolution completed a total wipe and on top of it all Swag Ass took over a crew spot on statistics.
As a reporter it’s always an opportunity to get some reactions out of the people involved in the incident. First of all I went to talk with ChivalrousCroissant, the person who was holding the TI crew spot at the moment of the first attack.

ChivalrousCroissant says, Well the first we knew of an attack was our member SeaHawks being shot. I personally got the WS to that and we were able to take the shooter down 20 minutes later. Then more and more of our members died and it became apparent it was a wipe.

Is there any reason what so ever that could trigger this shooting?
*There is no reason that we can think of. We have never, to my knowledge, had any interaction with TR.
Could it have happened over property? Illinois Bullet factory perhaps?
*It's unlikely to have been due to property. TR has no claim to Illinois BF that I'm aware of and if it was about that then they probably would've shot the holder first rather than towards the end of the wipe.
How is TI holding up now?
*We're doing fine! We're glad to have a target to go after, it's been far too quiet.
What's your course of action now?
* Our course of action now is to regroup, and consider the next stage. I would expect action before the weekend.
What can we expect following hours/days?
*We will not rest until they are removed from Stats

These are very clear words. TI will not let this pass without a fight. It looks like a second war has started between two different participants.
After the TI spotted dropped, Swag Ass took over almost instantly. The saw it all happen it took advantage of the situation to claim their spot on statistics. We also have a comment on events by Pyro, boss of Swag Ass

Don't you fear it will get shot for soon?
* So first of all, you need to realise that I am no ordinary player. I’m not some noob boss who has just upgraded but has no connections.

How where you able to obtain the spot so quickly? Is there a link to TR? Or TI?
* We took the spot fast because we were aware well in advance that a crew space was going to open. This allowed us to obtain the influence required. With that being said, I am Ben. I like to talk a lot in WhatsApp and discord, so whilst I was aware, I was not privy to who the target was or when. I also had no say on the target, I mean if I was planning to wipe someone, it would of been The Revolution anyway because they are the most noob crew and I would never fuck with the rest anyway. That being said, I wouldn’t have shot TR either since Swag Ass doesn’t shoot. We just flex. As for being shot, I mean as I said, Swag Ass doesn’t shoot. So by shooting us, you have accomplished absolutely fuck all since we will just get a gang spot. Oh and you will also get dropped whilst also having just pissed away funds and bullets.

How are you gonna try to keep the spot?
* I mean we will aim to keep the spot, I’ll refer to my previous point about us not being a threat. If a gang spot would like the opportunity to upgrade, all they need to do is contact me and I will do my best to try rank up to family as quick as possible. This is another reason why shooting for the spot is a completely pointless act.

Will you try and contact crews to cooperate with?
* You have mentioned a very dark area of this game, politics. I will take this opportunity to shed light on where Swag Ass stands and how we operate in terms of this. First of all, I understand what crews are at war, which crews aren’t to be messed with, and I have over 300 WhatsApp contacts for BL- players, which of whom I communicate with throughout the week. For Swag Ass to thrive, we look at the game from a distance. We try to remain clear of any war that happens, and this means avoiding to help either side. This is the best route to go. Often I will be seen in Discord making some comments that appear I have sided, but really I’m just stirring shit, but that’s my personality and everyone knows this(unless they are retarded). So with regards to the current crews alongside Swag Ass, if you want to remain where you are. Don’t pick a side or get fucked...

Again dear Bootleggers, very strong words spoken by a crew that clearly doesn’t like to be messed with. From my point of view, a lot is going on and I’m very sure we haven’t seen the last of this. The Revolution was not willing to comment on these events.