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Cupcake Time BuzzWriter

This week we have had only a total of three individuals who have had birthdays. Halfpint2018, ISoAyden and finally Zogo. Let us see what has happened.

Now that we are here and before we continue ti see what their plans are and a bit about them. First I would like you all to have a think and express your views on this! Do you think that us as the community should receive something extra for logging in to bootleggers during our birthday? I mean we get a little something extra around holiday seasons. Maybe now that there is loot boxes we could receive a birthday box or a birthday cake which could have a special feature to it like the recent fireworks and weed. I would love to hear your views on that!

Unfortunately none of the people who had birthdays this week managed to get back to us, so we can only imagine how they have spent their days celebrating. I mean, they was probably just working anyway but who knows. Either way we can not express enough on how much we would love to hear what you think should happen with regards to when it is your special day.

Now before we finish up, once again we would like to say happy birthday from the buzz team and the community to Halfpint2018, ISoAyden and also Zogo.