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Organised Crime Gone Wrong! BuzzWriter

There was lots of rumours going around that a bank vault was going to be hit and the police were poised at the ready to jump on anyone who tried to breach the bank and blow the vault. The police were not ready enough for the team of professional bank robbers known as Dei Medici though. However, not long after the vault was cleaned out, only two blocks away we discovered a lot of dead bodies. They had the colours from the Deadly Assassins which was confirmed by the mortician.

The police looked carefully at the scene to try find out who was responsible but had no luck. That is because one of the reporters found the piece of cloth Dei Medici left on the floor to leave their mark which we took so we could find out what truly caused this blood bath. We managed to get our way through the security where they was laying low and managed to come face to face with AceAdam himself. AceAdam informed us that they had previously hired one of the Deadly Assassins to join their organised crime as he was given a high reputation as a getaway driver. Turns out the driver turned up drunk.

ClockworkOrange was the individual who threatened Dei Medici and declared war on them by threatening to shoot for kicking him from the team. If only he had spoken with a bit more respect he could of been compensated, just due to the lack of respect AceAdam had already spoken to his members to get into their chevrolets and beaufords to go show them that they are not to be messed with. On previous occasions Dei Medici ignored stupid threats but ended up loosing good members to this and had to spend lots of money to find the shooter quickly. Nine members from Dei Medici shot Deadly Assassins in the wipe using a total of 366,700 bullets to wipe the gang spot. The only question is, with the massacre that happened. With many of the members shouting and screaming both for their lives and at the shooters will the Deadly Assassins make an assassult back at them or will they just disappear into the shadows to never be seen again?

Unfortunately we was unable to find any living relatives from Deadly Assassins so we could not find out what their side of the events were or what their plans may be. We was told one last thing from AceAdam and that is that they had great pleasure in shooting them and now it has been completed, they are happy to move on. Assuming that they respect Dei Medici and do not make the same mistake again of disrespecting and threatening them.