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NEWS: From Jordan FlameS

Welcome to our new weekly article: News.

News stands for Notable Events, Weather and Sport. We will look to bring you the news from different players from around the various countries that is represented here in BL.

This week we are looking at Jordan, which has seen a massive increase in player numbers on Bootleggers over the last few years.

The information this week is kindly supplied by AbuRagheb. Thanks!


Jordan, officially known as Hashemite (The name of the Royal Family) Kingdom of Jordan is located in the Middle East. The capital Amman is fairly small but has a large population.

Jordanians speak Arabic and Islam is the countries largest religion.

Jordan has been known internationally for taking in huge amounts of refugees from the middle eastern area, especially from the neighbouring war torn countries. Refugees account for a sizeable chunk of its population.

Jordanians are also recognised as being as being welcoming on a smaller scale too, their hospitality is legendary and can allure large number of tourists to the area.

Jordan also boasts Petra, one of the seven modern wonders of the World!

Notable Events

Yaz mentioned that there aren’t too many good news articles floating around Jordan at the moment and expressed an interest in keeping this section nice and light.

An interesting story that Jordanians can be proud of in the last few weeks is the strong appeal of one of their most beautiful locations; Wadi Rum continues to allure the Hollywood movie makers and the town has recently featured in the movie Aladdin. It has previously featured Martian, Transformers and Star Wars.


The current weather in Jordan is around 33 degrees in the capital; Amman, yet some of the country is still reaching a few degrees warmer at around 37.

There is currently a heatwave in the country that is originating from Cyprus.

The middle eastern country has around 300 days a year of sunshine and only really displays summer and winter seasons. Summer can reach an astounding 45 degrees with fairly low humidity as expected in the dry middle east.

The winters are quite mild compared to other parts of the world, it would be irregular for the temperature to drop to zero and snow is extremely unusual.


The country has three primarily popular sports: Football (Soccer), Basketball and Jujitsu.

Soccer is by far recognised as the countries national sport, they are yet to compete on the world stage in the world cup competition but the country hope to be represented there each four years by making it through qualifying.

The two main clubs playing football domestically are Al Faisaly and Al Wihdat.

Thanks for reading the news from Jordan, next week we will continue our news tour with The Netherlands. Check in to see the Notable Events, Weather and Sport with our Dutch Friends.