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SPORTS: Live From Alcatraz! JJJameson

CALIFORNIA – August 27th, it has been a rainy day in California and there is this strange scent in the air. Something is happening tonight, and it is not kill spree of one of the most famous crews on Bootleggers. There are rumors in the streets that a Bust Party is being hosted tonight in Alcatraz, the Federal Prison. The place that was designed to hold prisoners who continuously caused trouble at other federal prisons. No better location to host a Bust Party than Alcatraz.

Samuel Norton, warden of Alcatraz, takes a nip from his Cognac and looks outside his window. ‘‘Something is going to happen tonight’’ he whispers. Not much later he calls all the guard together and tell them to pay attention. That moment the heat of Alcatraz was already increased, even before anything happened. It started to rain again, and not much later Samuel Norton saw dark cloud approaching. Clouds filled with thunder.

Leaving the Buzz Office that evening, JJJameson lit a cigarette and walked up the ally next to Sliced Pizza Inc. He thought of the successful robbery he committed a few days ago. He heisted the bank of California with some famous Dons and with the help of a stolen Police Car, he earned millions that day. ‘‘Perhaps, I should cause some terror tonight’’, he whispered. JJJameson started to smile and walked to the nearest telephone booth. ‘‘Hey dude, I need some fireworks, a boat and some loot boxes’’. That is how the conversation started, which would lead to an exciting evening.

A few hours later there were loud bangs in the streets of California. They were not gunshots, but it was beautiful fireworks. People walked outside to look at the fireworks and tried to find out whom it came from. After the sound of the fireworks, children started to shout on the streets. "Bust Party in Alcatraz, Jackpot of 3 million dollars!" And so it started… On August 27th, madness arrived in Alcatraz due to a Bust Party hosted by JJJameson.

A group of about ten people was en route to Alcatraz. There was a rumor going on that FlameS had donated an amount of 17 million (which would put the jackpot at 20 million). There was a lot at stake and they knew it was going to be an exciting fight. One of the ten people was Anonymity, a player who not used to write for the Buzz and recently decided to join the Buzz Team again, but also a player with amazing bust statistics. A player who had to be watched that evening.

Once the group arrived they saw JJJameson in front of the gate of Alcatraz. ‘‘Showtime’’, JJJameson shouted and he started to run at one of the guards. He pulled his right arm back, made a fist, and hit the guard full on his jaw. He raised his arms, laughed, and shouted: ‘‘Why so serious?’’. Before JJJameson knew, he was handcuffed on the floor with three guards on his back. Before JJJameson knew, he was handcuffed on the floor with three guards on his back. Exactly at 02:00 PM BL Time he was taken to his cell. And so it began.

BOOM – After three seconds JJJameson was already busted by Anonymity. JJJameson busted another inmate and was put to jail again. Woah, faster than the light JJJameson was busted again by the one and only Anonymity. Was this going to be the Anonymity show tonight? Just when Anonymity was cracking the lock of JJJameson’s cell, he got pushed away by a notorious buster which successfully claimed the third successful bust of the evening. This notorious buster goes by the name CuppyyCake.
People realized that money could be earned, so players started to set rewards (when you bust this person, you get a certain amount of money). DoctorRockso and turbowoman were the first players to do this, by setting a reward of 15K respectively 2K. A strategy that proved to work, because the first successful bust of JJJameson turned out to be turbowoman! CuppyyCake noticed that this strategy worked and not shortly after, another bust reward appeared of 5K.

After five minutes of madness in Alcatraz, the top 3 consisted of: whiffin (5 busts), Anonymity (4 busts) and Strikeback (3 busts). At that moment Samuel Norton, warden of Alcatraz, decided to increase the heat of Alcatraz. The heat was increased to 3 badges (out of 5) and would stay that way all night long.

The amount of participants slowly increased and more players started to increase their bust awards. After 10 minutes whiffin lost the lead with 5 busts and CuppyyCake was leading with a total of 6 successful busts. Around that time 14 inmates were in jail and the button was pressed that disallowed gold busting.

20 minutes later the true madness started. A played named DrDre was able to get the 100th bust of the evening and CuppyyCake and whiffin were battling for the first place. Other players however, such as Strikeback, turbowoman and Uiltje2019 were not giving up that easy. After 30 minutes the top 3 consisted of Strikeback (19 busts), turbowoman (16 busts) and CuppyyCake and Uiltjeboth (both with 12 busts).

That moment JJJameson was in jail and people kept failing to bust him. It was then when he heard a sound from the cell next to him. It turned out to be a player named TheBitch. A well known buster, but also known as the biggest prostitute of Alcatraz. KABOOM, next thing JJJameson knew, there was bust streak of a total of 3 busts of TheBitch in less than 10 seconds. Impressive!

Impressive bust streak? That is what TheDutchess also wanted to show. After 40 minutes this player was able to get a bust streak of a massive amount of 9 busts! This resulted in a fifth place at that time with a total amount of 14 busts. Not good enough though, because after 40 minutes the top 3 consisted of: turbowoman (26 busts), CuppyyCake (19 busts) and Strikeback (18 busts).

Turbowoman was on a roll and became lazy and this player thought the victory was already earned. However, the lead became less, because other players put everything on everything. With just 10 minutes to go, turbowoman was still leading with 32 busts, but CuppyyCake had a total amount of 30 busts. Only 2 busts difference with just 10 minutes to go!

With a total of 30 inmates in jail and with just 3 minutes to go, CuppyyCake took the lead with 38 busts, leaving turbowoman second with 37 busts. Then, 3 minutes later the Bust Party was finished. Guards had to mop the floors, because they were full of sweat from the tension. It had turned out to be a thrilling, exciting battle with a well-deserved winner and runner up.

The person finished third, with an impressive amount of 31 busts, was Strikeback. The player who was in the lead for more than 40 minutes was not able to hold the lead, but still had an amazing amount of 37 successful busts; turbowoman. And of course, there is always one winner and one player who earns the most cash. This night that player was CuppyyCake, with a total amount of 40 busts, this player earned $3,180,400!