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California Bullet factory - too hot to handle Strikeback

The California Bullet factory, probably the most dangerous piece of property in this round. What’s the situation now? Who is shooting who? Why are they shooting? Will there be an end in sight? What happens with other crews trying to take it? Who is the original owner and who is defending or attacking it?

This story is a big one. So many questions rise and it seems like nobody is willing to speak, at least not in public. Knowing that, anyone who isn’t comfortable to get mentioned by name will be kept anonymous. This case does require discretion. I contacted some crews that are operating from the underground. Friendly and helpful, they do like to comment and get into detail about this very delicate subject.

To start with, anyone who is holding the Cali Bullet factory is bound to get shot. It’s not always cl ear who took the shot. Sometimes Underground crews will put their profile up after the took the shot. Sometimes it’s a gamble. Only thing is certain when you take this property… death will follow soon.

I got in touch with several crews and gangs on statistics and they all say the same. Cali BF, we don’t touch it. It’s means trouble and we don’t want to get involved. We don’t shoot for it, we won’t take it. The Royal Family on the other hand, who was on stats until a few weeks ago does say they kill every owner Cali Bf will have. HarHar, boss of TRF says, “Cali BF is TSE property and we shoot on sight whoever is holding it until we are sure it’s not TSE.” The Colombo Family held it once and had a neutral and kept a good relationship with other big crews. No one minded TCF holding Cali BF. This lasted for about 2 weeks and then their holders got shot. Eventually TCF got wiped by a group that all themselves Virtual Insanity. Since then TCF stays clear from the bullet factory. TonyStark, boss of TCF says “We don’t want it because of politics. Everyone believed that we were refunding everyone else, which was not the case. The profit it makes vs the risk getting shot is not worth the trouble.”

So why even bother taking this property? It’s very simple, profit, bullets and the benefit of refunding bullets to crewmembers if they like doing it. A source who wants to remain unknown told me, he held a bullet factory for 3 days making a total of 101 million with price per bullet set at 200$, converted to 2000 gold. On a bad day there is still a profit to make.

To understand the story behind the Cali BF we have to go back in time for a while. The Dog Pound was the original owner. TDP once owned it before got betrayed and shot by The Company in a previous round they say. This round TDP had a winning hand until TSE shot them for the bullet factory. After this event the actual war started.

The Sacred Empire, Axteze ,Arab INC along with The Dog Pound are fighting The Vanguard, The Company, 23RD Gunslingers and The Royal Family. Probably others are involved as well. Although ARAB INC says to be close friends with TSE and TDP, they still play alone they say. Seems like they have a mutual goal and a mutual enemy. Then there is TSE who claims the Cali BF as their property. TSE says there is no alliance at all. Just a common enemy to shoot at. “It’s our enemies who like to say we have alliances to drag other crews into this war. The war is started on that basis even if it wasn’t true that time nor is it now. The Focus of TSE is on The Vanguard, The Company, 23RD and TRF. Our relationship with others is friendly with no aggression to be found” says AbuRagHeb, boss of TSE. Since this is a war on many fronts is implicates the situation is very difficult too. Much is unclear and lots of sneaky play is at hand from many sides. AbuRagHed believes it is a recipe for disaster. TSE is forced to be underground and this became a game of shadows with lots of collateral damage. A word of advice from AbuRagHeb, steer away from BF if you don’t want to get involved in this war.

But a story always has 2 sides. So I got in touch with Coastie from 23RD Gunslingers. He gave me his version of the facts as well.
Coastie told me the following story.

“We took the NY BF from Axteze. Originally we set up a deal for it but decided that it was too valuable and we had the resources to fight for it so that’s what we did. I believe it was technically Event Horizon’s. Either way, doesn’t matter now. Then, we were shot by TSE. They had accused us of shooting them with an account, ‘Wednesday’ that did not profile up. It wasn’t us, however, coincidentally ended up recruiting the player who did shoot them to join the fight. Either way, once that happened, the alliance had already had plans to take them out so we just made the alliance official. We always claim our kills and don’t have any intentions in stopping until the war is won. As far as an ending is concerned. That’s entirely up to them. If they want to give up, we can talk. Until then... guess we can just keep trading slugs until someone gets tired of it. There has easily been 20,000,000 bullets fired back and forth in this war so far. 10+ gangs dropped, several crews, and families too between both sides. Hell, the 23rd lost count a while ago once we got close to 2,000,000 bullets. This has definitely been a longer war and more expensive then we were expecting. All the respect in the world to TSE and co. for making this a fun fight. There has been insiders back and forth, lies, deception. They were working with Brotherhood without Banners for a while before realizing it was us, feeding us intel directly.”

I believe there is a whole lot more to tell about this war and its participants. Not all parties were spoken to and this is just a small gathering of facts told by the underground crews. Hopefully this article gives a bit of insight to all who are curious why there is such a big fight going on over the Bullet Factory in California. From both sides the message sounds the same. We will not stop shooting and we won’t stop this war until the others surrender. Guess we are up for some heavy combat.