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Friends, Not Friendly? BuzzWriter

So we witnessed on Saturday 7th another slaughter from Dei Medici, only this time it was aimed at Friends. We managed to catch up once again with AceAdam, just like to say thank you for the interview, who informed us that they received top secret intel. Thankfully now it is not as secret and he was happy to discuss it.

AceAdam had informed us that this time the wipe was not due to another organised crime dispute, surprisingly it was due to the possiblity of them being targetted for their Legendary Don accounts within the crew spot. Dei Medici did have four Legendary Don accounts but was informed ten hours before the assault that BadDog (boss of The Dog Pound) was hiding within the gang spot Friends as was planning on shooting Dei Medici. So, of course, Dei Medici had to quickly gear up and prepare for the assault. This time they used a total of six shooters, fired 123,620 bullets and only had a total of two failed attempts. The wipe on the whole spot only took Dei Medici a total time of 1 hour, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Which is a rather good time in my opinion.

We tried to find out why BadDog was supposidly targetting Dei Medici to which AceAdam had no real idea why. Could it be down to a personal grudge from when AceAdam wiped The Dog Pound or does this run a lot deeper to what is shown on the surface? We did try to speak to Friends members in order to get in touch with BadDog, but unfortunately it appears either the message never got passed on to him, or he had no interest in responding to us. The only member of Friends we managed to speak to did say a very bold statement:

"Dei medici is shooting littlr gangs to stay alive"

We did have to ask AceAdam how he felt about this comment, I was a little scared when he replied as he seemed very angry in his tone.

"We have only shot two gangs in the 56 days we have been on stats. And both times they had threatened us"

So who will BadDog and the rest of The Dog Pound return to finish what they planned or has Dei Medici got their intel running as deep as their plans? Who knows! If The Dog Pound are willing to have their say and comment on this, we may be able to do a follow up story so we can see both sides of the story. If not, we shall all just have to keep an eye out on the streets and see who fires first next time.