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The Merlot Story BuzzWriter

More than you might like, a new body gets buried. A Fresh kill is made.. Who did it this time? Sometimes it’s a guess and we might never know who is behind a whacking. Well not with Merlot. Right after the kill he claims it. Ironically he even posts a rip message on your grave.

So, who is Merlot and why does he kill? Read the following interview and you might understand why this lone wolf plays like he does.

1. Could you tell us a bit about your BL history (up to this point now)

I started playing the game earnestly, and going by the name Merlot, in Round 8. Prior to that, my story reads the same as most – not particularly interesting or surprising. I played with a bunch of school friends, they left, I didn’t. Blah blah blah.

Back in Round 8 I was approached by a crew called Fortis et Liber, a division of Dutch Inc, who at the time, practically dominated BL. I joined, and after months of being shot at and proving myself, Dalton asked me to join Dutch Inc. I have a lot of love for those guys, and I’m proud I was a part of it. I eventually climbed my way up the ranks, and was State Don of New Jersey for the last few months of Round 8. I’m pretty sure the other S.Don spots where all Dutch Inc too.

I started Round 9 as Merlot, but after being constantly shot at for being with Dutch Inc, I changed my name to Sneeze. I played as Sneeze for about a year, and after being shot over and over, I changed my name for a third time – North. I made it to State Don for the second time, this time with the crew Empire State. I remember having a personal bullet factory, creating hundreds of thousands of bullets, and giving them to every member of Empire State, in case we got shot. We all died soon after. What a waste!

Overall – I’ve been there and done that, and nowadays I play independently. I don’t have time for politics, bullshit alliances, and I don’t like people telling what I can and cannot do. I think a lot of people are in the same boat as me, they just want to enjoy the game in peace.

2. What's the reason you started playing like you did until now?

I don’t like the state of the game (I haven’t liked it for a while) and this isn’t the first time I’ve resorted to shooting people. Towards the tail end of Round 9, I did the same thing. Basically, this style of gameplay suits me, and with bullets being even easier to get ahold of now, it’s the perfect formula. I don’t have to rely on anybody or do what other people want me to do, all I have to do is play the way I want to play.

With most crewless accounts being shot, the current crews have basically forced this way of playing onto people. Crews on the stats get so comfortable – I want to even the odds, level the playing field, and to let them know that nobody is safe.

Also, boredom.

3. On what criteria you base yourself selecting a target?

I select a target based on my bullet count, and what time I roughly want to shoot.
Most crewless Boss accounts get shot, so I shoot from Assassin. It’s easy to reach without doing any OC’s, and gives me enough time to buy enough bullets. I rarely use gold to shoot, I just sell a handful to fund the initial bullet purchases, and then GTA’s cover the rest. Gotta love them loot boxes!

When I choose a target, it’s never personal. It’s basically because they are either a high rank, or they stand out on the states. Pretty simple criteria really. I have no preference over what crew they are in or how popular they are, they simply represent a bullet count.

I’m open to requests though. If you can make a good case against somebody, I might consider whacking them. Leave a comment below, and keep checking the graveyard!

4.How many kills did you made so far?

I’ve made around 20 so far, and have shot around 1,240,000 bullets.

My last 4 shootings have all been L.Dons, and it’s interesting to see the difference in bullet counts. FrankCostello, 133k. JustWhy, 115k. Avalon, 125k. Trojan, 133k.

I mostly get promoted one or two ranks after a shooting, but after shooting FrankCostello, I went from Assassin straight to Godfather. Pretty amazing.

One of my favourite shootings was Liam777. Poor guy. He still hasn’t recovered.
He’s been shot 8 times since, and not by me. I like inspiring others to follow suit.
I didn’t profile up for that one, and I pretended to be an innocent gambler getting revenge for taking my money. He got super salty, called me names, and even claimed duping. I do have to say though, it’s funny when they get angry. Please always remember, it’s just a game.

I also shot Scarcio, some time ago now. That caused a lot of drama and shook things up a bit. I can’t say it was my intention, but I knew something would happen when I shot him. Thanks for the shout-out on the podcast bro. No hard feelings. Come back please!

I get a lot of mixed messages after shooting. Some love. Some hate. I also received a gold donation recently, so it’s nice to know people appreciate what I’m doing.

5. Did you ever had an OC with one of your victims? Or had a friendly conversation before you pulled the trigger?

Never. I don’t do OC’s. That’s how you end up on a list. I like to fly under the radar, and talking to a target is a big red flag. I get a lot of messages after a shooting, either from crew members, or from the victims. They usually just want to know the reason why. I feel like ‘nothing personal’ is a bit of a cop-out, but it’s always the truth.

6. Now you made a more public profile, have you got other intentions playing BL? Or is this just a pause in your killing spree game?

Correct – it’s just an interim account, so I can talk to you. I figured I’d use an account with a name everybody is familiar with. I’ll be dead by the time you read this
Many more killings on the way! Stay tuned.

7. Do you want to join a crew? Do you think any crew will be accepting you as a member? And if you would join a crew, will people suspect you are affiliated with them.. And link all kills you’ve made, even when you state on your profile you are not connected to anyone?.

I can’t see myself with another group currently. Maybe one day, but not in the near future. It’d be hard for a crew to accept me, knowing I’ve killed people from so many different crews. I feel I have to let people know I’m not connected to Dutch Inc any more, just out of respect for those guys. I don’t want to cause any more problems for them.

8. There are some who believe you might be female? Is that correct?

Hahaha – unlike some players, I’ve never pretended to be a female. Ya boy got balls.

9. If you have anything extra to add, feel free to do so.

Always remember folks:

Eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow, you may die. Merlot.

On behalf of the Buzz-Team I would like to thank Merlot for having this interview with me.
Good luck to you Merlot and likewise for your future victims.