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NEWS: Out of Order! Pendulum

Last week we witnessed the return of the crew The Order. A well-known player named IdleBunny was running The Order with 10 other people in the gang spot. They seemed at first legit as knew a fair amount of background knowledge but in the end flaws started to appear and members started to get a bit agitated as something was not sitting right. The Order was started back in 2003/2004 where they used to have three bosses of whom were DohSlice, LestatIII, and Soulmate in round 5, but a man named Tom Strong was the original boss in the early days of Bootleggers. The crew used to require one vouch in order to be accepted as they were formed more of trust while showing willingness also. The Order used to have around 70 active daily members who used to pay a very minor $120,000 crew tax. Eventually as time went on The Order ended up slowly departing along with one of their crew bosses sadly passing.

Within the Bootleggers community there are still a few old The Order members kicking around and once some of them noticed IdleBunny they asked if it was really her, which she agreed it was and decided to rebuild The Order in the forums. The key eliment that made people believe it was really her was that she always verified her members. With many members starting to question IdleBunny's real identity the spot started to loose structure and control. Since the inevitable was coming of an uprising from within the spot we witnessed Ori from Gamblers Paradise get shot over a keno. With tensions now up in the air Gamblers Paradise decided to act.

Highers from Gamblers Paradise contacted The Order about the keno which was shot for and asked simply for it to be returned to them as they were the rightful owner and then things may of been eased off, but no. Instead of receiving the keno back they were met with abuse and threats. With being threatened they decided to act first before things got more out of control. A total of three shooters (Lejo, Stan and sneaky) were used and around 450,000 bullets got fired. There was some gold used but it was very minimal that it was not that expensive for them to shoot.

With all this going on it then came to light that IdleBunny was in fact an imposter and was indeed Ben. We found this out by messaging on a Discord chat plus he also admitted it to one of our journalists. Ben is well known within the community years ago for his very famous YouTube video which is still very famous amongst the forums as shown below;

Rights were given by Benjamin to post this within the Buzz.

Ben admitted to impersonating a player which is not against the Bootleggers rules. Many players in the community are not happy with regards to this and do believe it should be a bannable offence. Ben has always played within the rules of the game, even if he is just on the borderline he maintains not breaking them. So with Ben now being killed he has since gone back underground while informing us that he has no major plans at the moment.

Gamblers Paradise are not expecting any fight to come back to them as after all Ben has been more of a player to cause upset in the forums more than directly attacking crews. However if they did receive any further attacks made on them, they have stated that they are prepared and would fight back to make sure that he lost once again but Ben has since stated that he will not be attacking back as in his eyes he has already won. He made Gamblers Paradise waste bullets on what he says was a "fake crew" and was more than happy with that.

So who really won here? Did Ben win for making Gamblers Paradise waste resources on the members in The Order's gang spot along with himself or have Gamblers Paradise become the real saviors for destroying a fake and insulting spot which upset the community once the truth has been unraveled?