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SATIRE: Players devastated after finding out PietroGrazia was winner of mega lottery. Riot

The entire Bootleggers community has been a buzz trying to find out who won the mega lottery jackpot of $439,565,000 + 2500 gold. How did this happen you may ask? It turns out that his experience bar was accidentally left on at the start of the new round. Pietro’s massive amount of interactions with users were able to gain him just enough experience to go from scum to peewee and then to thug. His rank prize for making it to thug? $2,650, 10 lottery tickets and a Chevrolet.
PietroGrazia quickly turned the cash into gold leaving him with just over 10,000 gold overall.
When asked what he plans to do with his new found fortune, Pietro responded “Oh, I think you know. I got a long list of people that been killing me. It’s Pietro’s time to shine now boy!”
Upon his death five minutes later, PietroGrazia chose to go underground. This has made the entire community very nervous about what he may do next, and very annoyed that they can no longer get past mission 11.