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NEWS: Mutiny - Shiver Me Timbers! Phantom

DISCLAIMER: First and foremost I would like to apologise for not having this story covered last week. The writer who was supposed to be covering this article couldn’t commit to it due to personal reasons. So I have taken it upon myself to take control of the story and article. Seeing as though I wasn’t originally supposed to be doing this article, I may not have covered absolutely everything but I have done my best within the time constrictions I have to bring you up to speed with what’s been going on with controversial crew Mutiny! I hope you enjoy.

With that out of the way, let’s talk some Bootleggers. Early into the round we have seen one of the heavy hitting crews of recent bootlegging times dismantled from the inside out. I’m talking about The Company. The Company have been a prevalent force over recent years, taking part in alliance domination, shooting from the shadows, insiding crews and so on. This round we expected nothing different, right? Wrong. The Company claimed a statistic spot early into the round and things went progressively well from there. So it was a huge surprise when we seen authoritative figures from The Company kicked from the crew and the spot renamed to something completely different; Mutiny. From an outside perspective it looked as though a commanding force from within the crew had overthrown the council. To clarify if this was the case, we managed to speak to Ren, former council member of The Company and one of the leading figures in the mutiny that lead to Mutiny being created. A fitting name for a fitting act.

We asked Ren if he could share what happened between the TC ranks for the crew hierarchy to collapse in such a manner, he told us, “From a personal standpoint, we felt frustrated at the end of the last round and beginning of this with the lack of communication between the council. The previous round had stagnated badly and some of us were not interested in remaining stagnant. RX was a complete mess. It did not help that the game simply didn't work but the communication within the crew was non existent.

With the knowledge of a fresh start with R9.75 we had hoped things would change. Everything mentioned by us was being met with stubborn resistance and those of us that had hoped for a change by this point had decided enough was enough. We're either valued influencers as council members or we're off. Around this time, someone within the alliance The Company had worked on leaked the entire underground members names. Instead of dealing with the issue and moving on, too much time was spent investigating. Kill was opened up we were left with no solid plan, lots of dead members and we still felt removed from the council. If enough wasn't enough already, it certainly was now.

So started a heated debate over the future of the crew. This really did not go as planned with many members simply removing themselves from the equation. It was at this time that a few of us with the same feelings towards the crew removed ourselves from the mess and formed Mutiny.”
And that ladies and gentleman is how Mutiny was formed, at least from Ren’s point of view. We wanted to find out what Mutiny’s relationship was like with The Company now that they had become independent and broken away from the mothership. We wanted to know specifically if the crews had agreed to just part ways of if there would be any bad blood between the two crews. Ren explained, “Mutiny is not The Company. When Mutiny was formed, everybody was given an option to either stay with us or had the choice to leave. A vast majority of players that everyone would associate with The Company left. We went separate ways”. We probed a little more and asked if Ren expected retaliation from The Company for their act of treachery, he continued, “we have always expected retaliation from them but we also know their hatred for others and how unpredictable the old company guys are. Honestly they could do anything at any moment. Whilst we are happy with our decision we accept that they could come for us at anytime.”

We wanted to continue the subject of The Company and Mutiny and brought up the speculation from the forums recently. Some people have been saying that this is nothing but a smokescreen and a way for The Company to gain a political advantage within the game with Mutiny as a stand-alone crew appearing neutral. We asked Ren to share his thoughts on this. He told us, “We are always going to be associated with The Company no matter what we do. I had several crew bosses approach me and ask me the same question. How are we ever going to move away from that. It would not matter what I say to you or them, everyone will make their own assumptions regardless of what I say.”

Moving on to something a little bit juicier, last week Mutiny fell from the statistics page at the hands of Dutch Inc, The Dog Pound and some other crews. And this week we saw Mutiny retaliate by taking shots at Dutch Inc but not completely wiping the spot. We first of all wanted to find out why they were on the receiving end of the scopes of Dutch Inc and co, Ren explained, “We had a member within Mutiny approach us and say they wanted to be booted. This member was not very active at all and we had good active members waiting in the wings to join so for us it was a no brainer. We booted him. We believe this person then actually sold their account ( I assume for actual money or something else) to another player active within the game which we now believe was a member of TDP. They then used this account to shoot someone within Dutch Inc. I spoke to Dalton in Dutch Inc right after this shooting explaining we had booted this account at their own request and any actions taken after this had nothing to do with Mutiny. He accepted that and I thought that was the issue resolved.

Dutch inc then shot us alongside TDP which shows that there was a plan all along. TDP whom I had spoken to and was told there was no issue between ourselves were looking for a reason to shoot us all along and they created one themselves.”

So Mutiny definitely has seen the shooting as an unjustified one, it seems especially on the part of The Dog Pound. We asked Ren to explain if that was the case, he continued, “I found it unjustified and disrespectful it was hard enough getting away from The Company and starting the new crew. We then get met with a barrage of accusations. People cry out for new ways to make BL interesting. We tried to do that and got shot for it.”

We now wanted to find out about Mutiny’s recent attempt at Dutch Inc and if the shooting was intended to cause damage or if the shooting had indeed failed and they didn’t manage to wipe the spot. Ren told us, “I was told by Dutch Inc that there was no issue. They went back on their word. We were neutral when they shot us. We took revenge and will be back to finish the job.” Ren didn’t answer the question directly, but he left with a statement of more revenge. Take that as you will. We thanked Ren for the interview and managed to catch up with Dalton, boss of Dutch Inc to find out what his take on this was.

We dived in with the most obvious of questions, but we asked why Mutiny was chosen to be shot to see if it collaborated with what Ren had told us earlier. Dalton explained, “We got shot by Mutiny’s member “VVV” - lost about 5000 gold and so we decided to retaliate.

VVV got kicked before the shooting and Mutiny claimed they had nothing to do with his actions. They said he was just a meatshield and that they didn’t really know him well. Our council discussed it and decided we didn’t believe this to be true. Mutiny/The Company had always been a difficult crew to become a part of due to their vouching system. Having someone in their midst which they did not know very well, is not something which we believe to be true.

Wether or not we got the right end of this, there was something fishy about the situation and we decided to act.” A similar story to what Ren had told us and it seemed as though Dutch Inc weren’t one hundred percent convinced that their rogue member was as rogue as what Mutiny had implied. We asked if the other crews who participated in the shooting shared similar thoughts to Dutch Inc, Dalton continued, “I do not know. All I know is that they also got shot by VVV and they wanted to retaliate.”

We wanted to know what Dalton thought about the rumours speculating that Mutiny are still The Company under a smokescreen, Dalton said, “I do not know but I like to think that they are, somewhat.”

We finally wanted to find out Dutch Inc’s stance with regards to a full blown war with Mutiny. After being on the receiving end of a shooting, we asked if Dalton and Dutch Inc were willing to let it become an eye for an eye situation or if they were preparing for a full blown war with Mutiny. Dalton told us, “We don’t wish for a full blown war to happen. We expected retaliation and thought that would be the end of it. But I heard through the grapevine that Mutiny has different plans, sadly.” This mirrors what Ren said and I think that Dutch Inc can expect some more bodies to drop in the near future with Mutiny returning to the depths of the underground. We thanked Dalton for his time and took everything that we found out back to Buzz headquarters.

After interviewing two prevalent figures from both crews it seems that they both expect this war to continue into the future of the round. But with Mutiny potentially having enemies across the board with Dutch Inc, The Dog Pound and even their former crew The Company potentially seeking revenge, has this newly formed break away crew bitten off more than they can chew? I’m sure we will all find out in the coming weeks of the round. And if anything is to happen regarding this war; the Buzz has got you covered.